During pregnancy, changes in hormones occur along with the transformation of the body. Hair is affected by these changes. Hormone changes affect the growth cycle of hair follicles. This situation varies according to the body function of the person. While hair loss progresses normally in some pregnant women, some experience abnormal hair loss. Generally, this hair loss is seen in the 3rd and 4th month after birth while the hair regenerates itself. Some women also experience hair loss before birth. Both are hair loss due to hormonal fluctuations that are not abnormal. It is temporary. Within 6 to 10 months, normalisation is achieved. Apart from hormone changes, there may be other reasons that trigger hair loss during pregnancy.

Causes of Hair Loss During Pregnancy;

Estrogen levels increase during pregnancy. Hair follicles are also affected by these increases. Apart from the estrogen hormone, there may be other causes that trigger hair loss during pregnancy. These are

– Stopping the birth control pill: Birth control pills affect women who are genetically predisposed to hair loss both while using and after stopping.

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– Vitamin and mineral deficiency: Nausea and vomiting seen in many women during pregnancy causes vitamin and mineral deficiency. Excess supplements, such as vitamin and mineral deficiency, also trigger hair loss.

– Scalp Disorders: In this process, skin and scalp shedding may occur due to the change and transformation of the body. This causes hair loss.

– Diseases that occur with pregnancy: Pregnancy-related conditions such as gestational diabetes, infection, hyper blood pressure and medications used in their treatment cause hair loss.

– Gynaecological diseases: Polycystic ovary syndrome, which occurs due to benign and malignant cysts in the ovaries, causes acne formation, oiliness, hair growth and hair loss.

– Problems with the thyroid: Insufficient secretion of thyroid hormones affects the entire metabolism. It affects many parts of the body from fatigue, voice disorder, sleep problems to hair follicles.

– Genetic predisposition: One of the causes of hair loss during pregnancy is genetic factors. People who are genetically predisposed to hair loss and whose mothers have experienced hair loss during this period are very likely to experience the same situation during pregnancy.

– Iron deficiency: Although pregnant women eat very well, the vitamins and minerals they receive are not as sufficient as in their old routines. Iron deficiency during pregnancy causes anaemia, fatigue and weakness and hair loss.

Side effects of some medications used during pregnancy

Side effects of some medications used during pregnancy:

As a side effect of medications used for diseases such as gestational diabetes and hyperblood pressure that develop during pregnancy, hair follicles weaken and hair loss begins over time.

Ways to Prevent Hair Loss During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, it is necessary to be protected from all kinds of chemical-containing products for hair care and all other treatment methods. Natural methods should be used as much as possible to prevent hair loss.

– Adequate and Balanced Nutrition: A nutrition list rich in vitamins and minerals during pregnancy will minimize hair loss. B, C, E, and zinc-based foods should be preferred.

– Avoiding Traumatic Hairstyles: Using technological tools such as hair straighteners and tongs containing high heat, tight braids, and hairstyles are the most damaging things that damage the hair not only during pregnancy but also in routine life.

– Care with Natural Oils and Products: Coconut oil, olive oil, rosemary oil, and argan oil are the most beneficial oils for hair follicles. Choosing the most suitable one of these oils according to your hair type and applying it twice a week through massage will nourish the hair and reduce the level of hair loss.

– Avoiding Chemical Containing Products: During pregnancy, experts recommend using only products containing biotin and silica. Apart from these, it is necessary to avoid all kinds of products including shampoo, conditioner, and hair dye containing chemicals.

– Avoiding Stress: Pregnancy is a stressful process and stress is a factor that triggers hair loss. For this reason, pregnant women should not be in stressful environments and meditation will help them relax not only physically but also mentally. This has a positive effect on reducing hair loss.

– Hair Combing Style: Hair becomes more fragile when wet. For this reason, combing the hair while wet damages the hair and causes hair loss. However, the structure of the comb to be used is also very important. A toothed comb should be avoided.


Hair loss during pregnancy and after birth is a condition caused by hormonal fluctuations. It improves within certain time periods. It is temporary. If hair loss does not return to its normal course at the end of these processes, a doctor should be consulted. Androgenetic alopecia-induced treatment methods are not strictly approved to be applied during this period.

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