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Hair Center Of Turkey

As one of the leading hair transplantation centers in the country, we welcome patients from all over the world to join our list of more than 2000 patients for the last 8 years. In the Hair Center of Turkey, you can reach your dream hair with our expert and professional doctors and staff working in our center so we perform your hair transplantation operations successfully. You can have the desired healthy hair by choosing the operation you want; also, you can regain your lost hair. It is easy to have your bushy, lively and healthy hair like before. We continue to serve our valued patients successfully in the hair transplantation and other fields with our expert team of doctors for years.For More About Us

Hair Transplant In Turkey

Turkey, being the main country of health tourism in the world, is preferred for high transaction volume and trouble-free procedures in hair transplantation and other aesthetic procedures.Hair Center Of Turkey has been serving as a VIP in the field of hair transplantation with its 8 years of experience and expert staff. When it comes to hair transplantation in Turkey with special service and over 6000 operations, we offer solutions to all our patients with VIP services.





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Mr. Antonio

Clıent Experıences

Hello everybody. So just to tell you about my experience at hair center Turkey 
  So it was more than positive. When I arrived they picked me up directly from the airport and took me to the hotel the next day at 8 am and left for the clinic 
  The surgeons took great care of me they made me feel at ease they explained to me what they were going to do so I’m super satisfied now I’m just waiting for the final result 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it normal to have swelling after hair transplantation?

Yes it is normal. The swelling will disappear as time passes. In this process, in order to reduce the swelling, sleeping by supporting the head and neck region while sleeping and not tilting the head forward will minimize the occurrence of swelling.

Is there any possibility of hair loss?

Transplanted hair will begin to shed one week after the transplant, but you should not worry because the shed hair will begin to grow again in two to three months.

How long does the hair transplant operation take?

Saç ekimi operasyonları kişinin ekim yapılacak bölgedeki açıklığın fazlalığı ile doğru orantılıdır. Ekim yapılacak alan ne kadar açık olursa operasyon süresi o kadar uzun olur. Ortalama 4-8 saat.

Under what conditions should hair transplantation be done?

Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure and should be done under the control of a doctor and by professional hair transplantation specialists. The area to be operated should be fully formed and ready for possible complications.

Should medication be used after hair transplantation?

Yes, it is valid. Hair transplantation is a content that is being published. It is not made for application for the system. In order to cope with the use of the same anesthetic spraying, you can support the severity and intervention.

Does the pain during hair transplantation hiss?

no. The operation does not provide local anesthetic pain relief. Local anesthesia can be administered in a hissing manner for only a short time.