About Hair Center of Turkey

Hair Center of Turkey, as one of the leading brands of Grandist Group, provides excellent service to customers in the field of health tourism. With the company’s deep-rooted history and expert staff, we are committed to providing the best experience to our customers.

Our services include carefully selected hotels and accommodation options to provide the best comfort and convenience to our customers. In addition, with our VIP transfer service, we ensure that our customers’ travels are smooth and luxurious.

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As Hair Center of Turkey, we organize special city tours for our customers who want to explore not only health tourism but also the cultural and historical richness of the destination. Thus, our customers have an unforgettable vacation experience during their treatment process.

Our company not only offers medical services to our clients, but also provides any kind of support needed to maximize their travel experience. As Hair Center of Turkey, we are here to meet every need of our customers with the experience and confidence that comes from being active in the sector for more than 9 years.

International Health Tourism Authorisation Certificate

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Our Contracted Institutions

Yenibosna Safa Hospital

Safa Hastanesi

Specialist Dr. Şerafettin Saraçoğlu

Serafettin Saracoglu

Perge Aksu Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic

Perge Aksu

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