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Eyebrow Transplant

Eyebrow Transplant

Eyebrow transplantation is the transfer of grafts taken from the donor area to the eyebrow area that needs reconstruction. It is an aesthetic operation generally preferred by women. Compared to hair, beard and mustache transplantation operations, eyebrow transplantation, which is seen as a much smaller area and is considered simple, is actually a delicate procedure.

Although it is a small area, the smooth and natural appearance of the grafts depends on their placement at a precise angle. Since the eyebrow completes the face of a person, the necessary drawings should be made in a way to create an aesthetic integrity. The physician who will perform the drawing process must have aesthetic concerns.

Eyebrows may fall out due to factors such as genetics, discomfort, aging, etc. Eyebrow transplantation is an aesthetic solution that looks more permanent and natural than solutions such as permanent makeup and tattooing. Eyebrow transplantation can be applied if the eyebrows have fallen out and no hair has grown within 1 to 2 years. With the right methods and a successful physician intervention, natural-looking, healthy eyebrows can be achieved.

In order to get high-quality results in eyebrow transplantation, you need to work with experienced physicians who can analyze the face well and create the most suitable eyebrow design for the face shape. Even if the applied method is performed professionally and the eyebrow design is perfect, if it does not fit your face shape, the procedure will not satisfy you aesthetically. In order to get the right results that will make you happy, you should prefer experienced, professional physicians; you should carefully follow the warnings before and after the operation.


Eyebrow Transplant Methods

Eyebrow transplantation methods are selected in a way that will not leave scars and offer a natural appearance. FUE hair transplant method and DHI technique are preferred in eyebrow transplant operations. In the FUE method, hair follicles, grafts, which are resistant to hair loss, are collected from suitable areas and transferred to the channels opened in the donor area.

During the operation, the person is under local anesthesia and does not feel pain or ache. In eyebrow transplantation operation, multiple grafts cannot be transplanted to prevent the results from looking coarse and to obtain a natural appearance. The collected grafts are separated and made single.

In eyebrow transplantation operations performed with the FUE method, sapphire tips are generally used for channeling. Sapphire tips cause less tissue damage, and since they are very thin tips, healing takes place in a shorter time. In the FUE method, eyebrows are formed by placing single grafts into open channels at the right angle.

In the DHI method, a special tool called Hair Pen / Choi Needle is used. This instrument transfers the grafts placed individually under the skin without the need for an open channel. DHI, a more advanced method, gives more natural results with less bleeding. DHI takes a little longer than FUE. Generally, eyebrow transplant operations are completed within 2 hours. If the warnings made before and after the transplantation are paid attention, a faster healing process is seen and more efficient results are obtained.

Things to Consider Before and After Eyebrow Transplant

Those who have eyebrow transplantation share the positive and negative results they have received. Those who encounter negative results are usually those who do not pay attention to the rules to be followed before and after the operation. People who do not grow hair within 1 to 2 years after eyebrow loss may prefer eyebrow transplantation. The things to be considered before the operation can be listed as follows:

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– If you consume alcohol You should stop using alcohol at least 3 days before the operation. Alcohol affects the healing process after the transplantation process and reduces the healing rate. It can also cause increased bleeding during the transplantation process.

– Since bleeding may occur during the transplant operation, you should stop taking blood thinners (such as Aspirin) for 1 to 2 weeks before the procedure. If you have a blood thinning medication that you need to take continuously under the supervision of a doctor, you should consult your physician before the operation.

– It is recommended that you stop consuming green tea with blood thinning properties for 2 weeks before the operation.

After paying attention to the warnings and recommendations and undergoing the operation, those who have eyebrow transplantation should follow these rules:

– The 2nd day after eyebrow transplantation is the washing day. Until this time, contact of the donor area with water or any chemicals should be avoided.

– On the 2nd day, when the washing process takes place, the 10-day cleaning information given should be carefully followed.

– When 10 days have passed, it is necessary to go to the control and if the crusting still persists, a second washing should be performed.

– The transplanted eyebrows begin to grow about 3 months after the operation, it is important not to apply any harsh pressure on the area during this period.

Eyebrow Transplant Prices

Eyebrow transplantation is an aesthetic operation that is a permanent and natural solution to eyebrow loss, which is generally preferred by women. It is the transfer of hairs resistant to hair loss to the eyebrow area according to the appropriate drawing with the right angle. Eyebrow transplantation prices vary according to the basic elements of the eyebrow area, the amount of graft to be transplanted, and the method to be used.

The side factors affecting the price of the operation can be listed as the expertise of the physician, the reputation of the clinic and the location.

It is seen that the eyebrow designs performed by a specialist physician are very close to perfection. Since good results are preferred, clinics keep their operation prices above average in order to keep their specialists.

How is eyebrow transplantation done?

The question of how to transplant eyebrows is asked by many people who are not satisfied with the appearance of their eyebrows. Eyebrow transplantation is a solution that offers a more permanent, healthy and natural appearance compared to permanent makeup, tattoo, etc. solutions. With this aesthetic intervention, a professional appearance is created for your eyebrows and an aesthetic integrity is created on your face. In eyebrow transplantation operation, grafts are taken from your hair follicles that are resistant to shedding.

The preferred area is usually on the nape. The grafts are separated and made single. Double, triple grafts are not suitable for eyebrows, creating a rough and unnatural appearance.

One of the most important stages in eyebrow transplantation is the realization of the appropriate eyebrow design. Drawing procedures are done professionally, channels are opened with the sapphire-tipped FUE technique on the line of the eyebrow drawn with the approval of the patient, and single grafts are placed in these channels. If the DHI method is to be used, there is no need to open a channel. The grafts placed in a special tool called Hair Pen are placed under the skin without the need for an open channel.

Eyebrow transplantation is an aesthetic intervention very similar to hair transplantation. Since it is in front of the eyes and in a small area, the eyebrow transplant operation must be performed more meticulously. Aesthetic concerns should be present during the drawing phase, and the angling should be performed professionally during the transplantation phase. Otherwise, the desired appearance of the eyebrows cannot be achieved. If you are considering eyebrow transplantation, you can direct your question of how eyebrow transplantation is performed to a reliable physician who has achieved successful results and you can get more detailed information.

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Hair Transplant Turkey Before & After
Hair Transplant Turkey Before and After
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Hair Transplant Turkey Before and After

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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)
After Hair Transplant
Can I smoke and drink alcohol after hair transplant?2023-07-17T16:04:25+03:00

Smoking, alcohol, and drug use should be stopped 1 week before and 15-20 days after hair transplant. Smoking should not be used for a while as it will make hair transplant and the hair growth and healing process difficult.

When can I do sports after hair transplant?2023-07-17T16:05:24+03:00

Simple exercises such as walking can be done 1 week after hair transplant. However, you should wait at least 1 month for heavier sports.

What happens 1-2 months after hair transplant?2023-07-17T16:12:37+03:00

In this process, the patient’s first hair begins to grow. However, this situation may vary from person to person. Although the first hairs are thin, thicker hair strands begin to grow over time. In this process, the donor area heals to a great extent.

What happens 15-30 days after hair transplant?2023-07-17T16:12:43+03:00

In this process, “shock shedding” occurs in the transplanted hair. Shock shedding is a natural process that occurs after hair transplant and lasts about 2 weeks.

What should I do if there is swelling after hair transplant?2023-07-17T16:06:36+03:00

Swelling after hair transplant is a normal condition. As a result of ice application and light massages, these swellings will go down within a few days.

What should not be done after hair transplant?2023-07-17T16:07:31+03:00

After hair transplant, you should avoid swimming, sauna, smoking, alcohol, drugs, direct exposure to sunlight, heavy sports with high energy expenditure, running, and cycling for about 2 weeks. You should also avoid touching your hair.

What happens 3-6 months after hair transplant?2023-07-17T16:12:28+03:00

In this process, hair strands begin to thicken. The donor area is also completely healed.

How many days after hair transplant can I touch my hair?2023-07-17T16:05:03+03:00

It is recommended not to touch the hair grafts for about 14 days after hair transplant.

When can I return to my normal life after hair transplantation?2023-07-17T16:08:19+03:00

Hair transplant surgery takes approximately 7-8 hours. After the transplant, you need to rest for 4-5 days for the donor area to heal. Although the healing process takes longer, most patients can resume their daily life within 7 days.

Will the transplanted hair fall out?2023-07-17T16:03:51+03:00

Hair transplant is a form of treatment with a high success rate. When performed by specialists and reliable methods, hair transplantation gives very successful results. The transplanted hair does not fall out as long as there are no traumas such as accidents or burns.

Do I need to use the medication after hair transplantation?2023-07-17T16:04:43+03:00

Antibiotics are used for a certain period of time after transplant. In case of pain, painkillers can also be used.

What happens 7 months after hair transplant?2023-07-17T16:12:32+03:00

In this process of hair transplant, patients start to see the results of hair transplantation visibly. The density of the hair reaches 50%. The hair can now be used with a hairbrush, cut, or shaved.

Will I go bald again after hair transplant?2023-07-17T16:08:54+03:00

Hair transplant is an aesthetic and micro-surgical procedure performed using the patient’s own hair follicles. As long as the transplant is performed by the right people and the right methods, it is largely successful. Millions of people who are satisfied with hair transplant are proof of this.

When can I have sexual intercourse after hair transplant?2023-07-17T16:05:49+03:00

Since sweating will damage the hair grafts, strenuous activities such as heavy sports or sexual intercourse should not be performed for about 10-15 days after hair transplant.

Does the sun affect the transplanted hair badly?2023-07-17T16:10:13+03:00

Patients should avoid exposure to direct sunlight after hair transplant. Exposure to the sun damages the hair follicles as well as the skin. Therefore, patients should not be exposed to sunlight for a long time.

How should I sleep after hair transplant?2023-08-26T15:05:00+03:00

You should not sleep in the transplant area for the first week after hair transplant. With the supported neck pillows given to our patients, it is possible to sleep more comfortably without damaging the donor area.

Can I shave after hair transplant?2023-07-17T16:06:08+03:00

Shaving can be done 1 month after the operation. However, the transplanted hair should be cut with scissors.

Before Hair Transplant
Will it be obvious that I had a hair transplant?2023-08-02T11:16:20+03:00

Hair transplantation gives very successful results as long as it is performed by the right people in quality clinics. Therefore, your hair transplant results will be natural and will not be recognized by others.

Are Fue and DHI prices different?2023-07-14T16:03:14+03:00

The two techniques are different from each other. Their prices are different due to the materials used and increasing costs.

Is it permissible in Islam to have a hair transplant?2023-07-17T16:03:10+03:00

Since hair transplant is a procedure performed using the person’s own hair follicles, it is expressed as permissible according to Islam.

How many grafts can be removed from the donor area?2023-07-14T16:02:01+03:00

We extract hair grafts according to the adequacy of the donor area. If the donor area is fertile, up to 6000 grafts of hair can be removed, but as Hair Centre of Turkey, we do not consider it appropriate to remove more than 4500 grafts of hair to protect the general appearance of the donor area.

Is hair transplantation painful?2023-08-02T11:15:48+03:00

Since the hair transplantation procedure is performed under local anesthesia and sedation, the patient does not feel pain during the procedure or feels minimal pain

How is the number of transplanted grafts determined?2023-08-02T11:14:47+03:00

The number of grafts is determined in line with the patient’s hair aperture and the health of the donor area.

Will there be a scar in the donor area2023-07-17T16:03:33+03:00

The donor area is where the hair follicles are extracted. After a hair transplant, a small scar remains in the donor area. These scars are usually in the form of white, round rings. Since the scars are small, they will not be noticed from the outside.

Are there any obstacles to hair transplantation?2023-07-17T16:02:42+03:00

Some health problems may prevent hair transplantation. Health history and medications used should be completely transferred to the doctor. After the necessary tests are performed, it is understood whether the patient is suitable for hair transplantation. You can find out if you are suitable for hair transplantation by getting free consultancy from our expert consultants.

Is hair transplant a safe procedure?2023-07-14T15:55:45+03:00

hair transplant is a very reliable procedure as long as it is performed by experts in the field and inappropriate clinical environments.

Hair Transplant in Turkey
How long should I stay in Turkey to have a hair transplant?2023-08-26T15:04:48+03:00

As Hair Center of Turkey, we host our patients in Istanbul for 3 nights and 4 days. We perform hair transplant and first washing procedures here. On the first day, the patient is hosted at the hotel to rest. The operation starts in the morning of the second day. On the third day, dressing procedures are performed for 15-20 minutes. On the fourth day, the first washing procedure lasting approximately 1 hour is performed. After the first washing is done, you will be transferred to the airport. Thus, you can return home in the afternoon.

Why is hair transplant so famous in Turkey?2023-07-17T16:14:50+03:00

Since hair transplant packages in Turkey are quite advantageous, hair transplant in Turkey has become quite popular in recent years. In addition, the procedure costs are quite favorable compared to countries such as America and Europe. More importantly, hair transplant results in Turkey are much more successful than in other.

How much does hair transplant cost in Turkey?2023-07-17T16:14:14+03:00

Hair transplant costs vary according to the number of grafts the person needs and the hair transplant method used. Transplantation prices vary according to Sapphire FUE or DHI transplant methods and the number of grafts. After a free consultation with our expert consultants, you can get a price according to your balding area ratio.

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