Beard Transplant - Prices, Results & How is Performed?
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Beard Transplant

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What is Beard – Moustache Transplant?

Beard and moustache transplant; It is a transplant procedure performed on the upper lip, cheek, and beardless parts of the face. Generally, the nape area is preferred as a donor. This situation may change if the hair to be taken from the nape area is not compatible or for a different reason. As a result of the analyses, different parts of the body can be taken for transplant. Even the hairs in the beard area can be preferred for transplant if they are sufficient. Beard and mustache transplant is not only preferred in areas without hair. As a result of the patient’s request and the examinations made by the specialist surgeon, it can also be applied to tighten the existing beard.

Beard Transplant

How Is Beard Transplant Performed?

Beard transplant proceeds with a process similar to a hair transplant. For beard transplant, which is a very sensitive operation, a specialist surgeon and a quality transplant center should be preferred. In the center for beard transplant, a comprehensive pre-examination is performed. In this examination, where the number of grafts to be transplanted is determined, the health status of the area to be harvested is also tested. After all tests, the operation begins. In the operation; One of the modern methods such as FUE or DHI is used.

FUE Beard Transplant

The FUE method is generally preferred for beard transplant. These transplants can also be shifted to the DHI technique according to the patient’s request and suitability. During the transplant, sedation is used to prevent pain and suffering. In the FUE technique, the roots collected with the help of a special micromotor are kept in a special solution until the transplant stage. In this way, it is ensured that the hair follicles are not damaged. After the harvesting process is completed, the canal opening process begins. Canals are opened one by one in the area to be transplanted. The roots kept in a special solution are transplanted into the opened channels at the appropriate angle. Beard transplant, which is carried out with great care, is performed one by one.

  • The use of sapphire blades during the procedure minimizes the risks that may occur.
  • During the procedure, the risk of crusting of the channels and skin surface is low.
  • Injury and pain level is minimized.
  • With the effect of sapphire blades, very small incisions are made for the implantation process.
  • The recovery period is completed quickly.
FUE Beard Transplant
DHI Beard Transplant

DHI Beard Transplant

DHI method is one of the most ideal techniques. DHI, which is an advanced technique, is becoming more and more prominent in beard transplant. Thanks to the Choi Implanter Pen used during transplant, it becomes easier to hold and transplant the grafts. DHI, which also enables the opening of angled channels, provides great convenience and freedom to the specialist. Thanks to this comfort, the beard transplant operation can be continued until the desired level is reached. DHI beard transplant technique, which ensures that the tissues are not damaged, makes it easy to adapt after transplant. Therefore, the pain and soreness during the healing process are very little and short. It is worth remembering that sedation is preferred to prevent pain and pain in operations performed with the DHI method.

  • There is no scar in the transplant and donor area.
  • A natural appearance is obtained.
  • Thanks to the special pen called Choi Implanter, skin and angle control becomes easy.
  • Recovery time is short.

Hybrid Beard Transplant

Hybrid beard transplant is a technique that combines DHI and FUE methods. In this way, it becomes an ideal option for patients who need the advantages of both techniques. While DHI beard transplant technique is used for a tighter beard and a natural appearance, FUE beard transplant is used in areas with little or no beard. Preferring sapphire tips to avoid tissue loss shortens the time to return to daily life after transplant. For this method, which combines both techniques, the patient’s body structure must be suitable.

  • Patients who have light or few beards in certain areas are suitable for hybrid beard transplant.
  • Patients whose openness cannot be closed in a single session with the DHI beard transplant technique are suitable for hybrid beard transplant.
  • Patients whose beard is difficult to tighten with the FUE beard transplant technique are suitable for hybrid beard transplant.
Hybrid Beard Transplant

Afro Beard Transplant

Afro beard transplant is applied to individuals of African and Caribbean origin who have different structures in terms of physical appearance, beard and skin structure. Both DHI and FUE techniques can be used in Afro beard transplant. The grafts to be taken from the donor area are curved under the skin, which makes the operation difficult. Afro beard transplant, which is a detailed and meticulous process, requires a fully equipped center and an expert team.

How Long Does Beard Transplant Take?

Beard transplant time, which varies according to the number of grafts, also varies according to the transplant techniques. The specific methods of techniques such as DHI and FUE affect the duration, making it difficult to give a clear time interval. Despite all these factors, the combination of up-to-date techniques with a well-equipped center ensures that the beard transplant operation is completed in an average of 6 – 7 hours.

afro beard transplant

Before and After Beard Transplant

Before beard transplant, the patient’s health status is analyzed in detail. If possible risks are detected, necessary information is given to the person. In light of the information and decisions taken, a decision is made for the operation process.

After the transplant, the patient should be careful to strictly follow the recommendations given by the doctor. The more attention to the rules during the healing process, the faster and more positive results will be obtained. One day after the operation, the person is called for dressing. The day after the dressing, the first wash is performed.

The first washing usually takes place in the transplant center. The beard area, which is washed meticulously without rubbing, is washed for a total of 10 days. At the end of 6 – 7 days, crusting begins in the beard. This situation should not cause any concern. Normal and temporary crusting shows that your body is healthy.

After the healing period is completed, shock shedding begins within the first 3 months. This process, which is necessary for the transplanted roots to grow naturally, takes an average of 1 month. After the roots are completely shed, the beards begin to grow naturally. 80 percent of the beards that grow within 4 months are expected to grow completely within 1 year.

To learn more about beard transplant procedures at the Hair Center of Turkey and how you can benefit from VIP services, you can watch the Hair Center of Turkey beard transplant video.

Are There Scars After Beard Transplant?

Thanks to the blending of today’s technology with modern techniques, beard transplant has become very easy. The transplant process is painless and fast. There are more than one person who thinks that such a fast process will leave scars on the body. However, neither the donor area nor the transplant area is exposed to scarring after beard transplant. After the operation, you may temporarily see slight redness in the areas where the procedure was performed. These redness, which will disappear spontaneously, should not cause any panic. A patient who has completed the healing period should not worry about possible redness or scarring in the transplant area.

Beard Transplant Costs

BASIC PACKAGE $2500-$5000 $4500-$6500 $5500-$8500
MEDIUM PACKAGE $2500-$5000 $6500-$9000 $8500-$10500
BEST PACKAGE $2500-$5000 $9000-$10500 $10500-$13500

Beard Transplant Costs

The patient’s demands for beard and mustache transplant and the results of the comprehensive preliminary examination affect the price. Whether the area to be transplanted is a corner or tightening is another factor affecting the price. The quality of the transplant doctor and the transplant center is also one of the most important factors that determine the prices. The preferred transplant technique and how many grafts will be transplanted during beard transplant can also cause the price to increase. Considering all these situations, giving a clear price range may mislead the patient.

You can get detailed information about beard and mustache transplants by contacting the expert consultants of the Hair Center Of Turkey.

Beard Transplant Process

Number of Operations:

1-2 Sessions

Operation Time:

6 – 7 Hours

Anaesthesia Method:

Sedation+Local Anesthesia

Time to be considered:

1 – 3 Days

Get Back to Daily Life:


Full Recovery Time:

3 – 7 Days

Beard Retention Time


Post-Operation Support:

7/24 Online Support

Beard Transplant in Turkey

Turkey, which has become the world’s centre of attraction in hair transplant, shows the same success in beard and moustache transplant. Hair, beard and moustache transplant in Turkey, which is the first country that comes to people’s minds for hair, beard and moustache transplant, is only one of the details that draw attention to the fact that the prices are offered as a package. The fact that these packages are much cheaper than in Europe and America increases the demand. Economy, transport, accommodation, security and success rate, the number of people coming for beard transplant in Turkey continues to increase.

beard transplant in turkey

How to Choose a Clinic for Beard Transplant in Turkey?

If you are considering a beard transplant, it is important to choose the right clinic first. Choosing the right clinic is of great importance for the success of the operation and your satisfaction.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Beard Transplant Clinic

Here are some points to consider when choosing a beard transplant clinic:

  • Experience and expertise of the doctors working in the clinic: Beard transplantation is a procedure that should be performed by experienced and specialized doctors. When choosing the clinic, investigate the experience and expertise of the doctors.
  • Equipment and technology in the clinic: Beard transplantation should be performed using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques. When choosing the clinic, check whether the equipment and technology are up-to-date.
  • Pricing at the clinic: Beard transplant prices may vary from clinic to clinic. Consider the pricing when choosing the clinic.
  • Customer satisfaction at the clinic: Before choosing the clinic, read the comments of people who have had beard transplantation there before. High customer satisfaction is a good reference for the clinic.

Things to do when choosing a beard transplant clinic

You can follow the steps below when choosing a beard transplant clinic:

  1. Check the clinic’s website. On the clinic’s website, you can find information about doctors, equipment, pricing, and customer satisfaction.
  2. Contact the clinic by phone or e-mail. You can get detailed information about the clinic’s opening hours, session fees, and operation process.
  3. Make an appointment with the clinic. At the clinic, you can have the opportunity to meet face-to-face with the doctors. You can ask your questions to the doctors and get detailed information about the operation.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Beard Transplant Clinic

When choosing a beard transplant clinic, it is important not to pay attention to the following points:

  • Go to the cheapest clinic: Beard transplantation is not a cheap procedure. Going to the cheapest clinic can negatively affect the quality of the operation.
  • Falling for the clinic’s adverts: Some clinics try to make themselves stand out by using high advertising budgets. When choosing a clinic, pay attention to the above criteria, not the advertisements.
  • Deciding according to your friend’s recommendation: Your friend’s advice can be a good reference for choosing a clinic. However, do not decide only according to your friend’s advice.

As a result, if you are thinking of having a beard transplant, you should be careful to choose the right clinic. Considering the criteria mentioned above, you can find the most suitable clinic for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

How long does the beard transplant procedure usually take?2023-10-02T15:36:47+03:00

The duration of the beard transplant procedure varies depending on the technique used and the number of grafts needed. It can usually take between 3 and 8 hours.

Will the transplanted beard look natural?2023-10-02T15:40:27+03:00

Beard transplant gives natural-looking results when performed by experienced surgeons. The transplanted hair must fit perfectly with your existing beard.

How soon can I return to my daily life after beard transplant?2023-10-02T15:40:06+03:00

Most patients can return to work and regular activities within a few days to a week after the procedure, depending on individual recovery and comfort level.

Can I shave my transplanted beard like natural facial hair?2023-10-02T15:38:49+03:00

Yes, after the transplanted hair grows out, you can treat it like a natural beard. You can shave, trim and care as you wish.

Is beard transplant painful?2023-10-02T15:37:08+03:00

Local anesthesia is used to minimize discomfort during the procedure. After the procedure, patients may experience mild discomfort or swelling, which can be relieved with painkillers prescribed by the doctor.

How many grafts are required for full beard transplant?2023-10-02T15:37:28+03:00

The number of grafts required varies depending on individual goals and existing beards. A typical full beard transplant may require between 2,000 and 4,000 grafts.

What is the difference between FUT and FUE beard transplant techniques?2023-10-02T15:38:15+03:00

FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) involves removing a strip of skin from the donor area while FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) involves removing individual follicles. FUE is less invasive and leaves smaller scars, making it a popular choice for beard transplant.

Can I choose the shape and style of my transplanted beard?2023-10-02T15:37:55+03:00

Yes, you can discuss the beard shape and style you want with your doctor during the consultation. They will work with you to create a customized plan to achieve your preferred look.

How long should I wait after transplant to see a fully developed beard?2023-10-02T15:40:50+03:00

It usually takes 6 to 12 months for a fully developed beard from the transplanted hair to be noticed and reach its full thickness.

Are there post-operative care instructions for beard transplant patients?2023-10-02T15:39:08+03:00

Patients are usually given postoperative care instructions by their surgeons. These may include instructions for cleaning the transplanted area, avoiding sun exposure, and using prescription medications.


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