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Afro Hair Transplant


Is Afro Hair Transplantation Performed?

Afro-American hair type has a curly, thick, and dense appearance. Due to its nature, the curliness of the hair also manifests itself under the skin. It is prone to dryness. It is a known fact that the Afro hair transplant process is more complicated than normal type hair. It is due to the structure of Afro-American hair type. It is difficult to find and extract hair follicles from under the skin. But this does not mean that hair transplantation cannot be done. 

Is Afro Hair Transplantation Performed

Although the transplant process is difficult compared to normal hair type, it gives positive results when performed meticulously by a specialist doctor. Istanbul Hair Transplant Clinic Hair Center of Turkey continues to perform very successful operations in afro hair transplants.

Afro Hair Loss

Afro Hair Loss

Afro hair loss is generally seen in individuals of African and Caribbean origin. People with the same hair structure as the race living in these regions also experience similar hair loss. The only permanent solution to the hair loss problem experienced by people with curled or frequently curled hair is hair transplant.
The fact that patients with Afro hair loss do not know how to care for their hair also accelerates the hair loss process. The presence of more than one Afro hair type also affects the causes of hair loss. The fact that there are four different Afro hair types and each type has its own problems causes confusion in people. Afro hair types are as follows: