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FUE Hair Transplant




  • Soft fue hair transplantation; Hair transplantation operation is performed with sedation-oriented drugs. In this anesthesia method, the patient does not feel pain or ache but is conscious.

FUE Hair Transplant

FUE hair transplant is a very widely used method today. In this method, no drilling or cutting is performed on the scalp. With the method chosen by the patient, the hair follicles in the nape area are taken one by one and transplanted one by one to the application area. For this reason, hair transplantation takes longer than other methods. Today, this method is performed with micromotors rather than punches. Fue hair transplantation is also known by different names according to the way it is applied.

  • Micro FUE hair technique; In this technique, hair follicles are taken through equipment with micro tips. In the method using micromotors, holes with a diameter of 0.6-0.9 mm are drilled. The hair follicle and the surrounding textural structures are removed.
  • Sapphire FUE hair transplant; The only difference in this transplantation technique is that the tips used are made of sapphire, not metal. Sapphire is the preferred method because it is more effective in opening microchambers and has less crusting.

The Advantage of using FUE hair transplant technique.

FUE hair transplan method has many advantages. Some of these are as follows;

• We do not make any incision using this technique there fore there will be no scaring in the patient donor area.

• Using this technique we are apply to open channels in ares where the patient has no existing hair in order to plant hair and fill in the areas.

• There are no side affect after the operation using this technique.

• Needless anesthesia in order not to feel any pain.

• The healing process is much shorter than the FUT technique/

• The recovery time is between 10-15 days (depending on the patient).

• In this technique it is possible to not shave the entire hair (depending on the patients case).

We aim to provide our patients with the natural results that are best suited for their case. We help our patients by firstly recommending the best technique based on their case then sketching the most suitable hair structure that is suited for the patients head structure. Once the patient has agreed we will then proceed with the hair transplant. Dependent on the patient, the final results can be achieved within 10-12 months after the operation. Hair transplant can be a small step in to making the biggest difference.

FUE Hair Transplant
FUE hair transplant

How is FUE Hair Transplant Performed?

First stage; For FUE hair transplant, the hair in the area where the roots will be taken is shortened to 1 mm in length. Hair follicles and grafts are collected one by one from the area numbed with local anesthesia. The most important point to be considered while performing this procedure is to take the roots and grafts in the direction of hair growth. The non-destructive exit of the roots and grafts is one of the important parameters that ensure the success of the operation. You will feel the difference between successful operations before and after Fue very clearly.

Second stage; After the hair follicles are collected, the next step is to open the channels where the hair follicles will be placed. Canals are opened in the scalp using metal or sapphire tips. The reason why more sapphire is used than metal is that it allows very smooth and smooth channels to be opened. In addition, since it does not traumatize the scalp, it ensures that the hair follicles hold healthy.

Third stage; The third and final stage is the hair transplantation process. After the canal opening process, hair transplantation is performed one by one as in the harvesting method. The reason why we recommend applications with sapphire-tipped blades is that due to their sharp and smooth structure, healthy grafts can be taken without damaging the scalp where we collect hair follicles and grafts.

Things To Take Into Consideration After Having A Hair Transplant

• Use the medication prescribed to you by your doctor. (Antibiotics, Pain Killer…).• Avoid tilting your head down for 3-5 days after the procedure.

• You should consume plenty of water after your hair transplant procedure.

• It is recommended to sleep on your back using the neck provided for the first 3-5 after your hair transplant procedure.

• Avoid consuming nicotine & Alcohol for a least 5 days after your operation (In order not to affect the healing process).

• Clothes with zippers & buttons are not recommended for 10 days after your procedure.

• Refrain from wearing Hats, Cap or anything tight around your head for 10-15 days.

• You should follow the washing instruction provided to you for 10 days.

• We recommend to avoid physical activities (Swimming, Gym, Heavy lifting) during the first month after your hair transplant procedure.

• Avoid Sun exposure for 5 days after your operation,

• You should not color, use gel, cut your hair using scissors or a trimmer for 6 months.


When Do Wounds Heal After FUE Hair Transplant?

You can continue your life without any difference in your quality of life before and after FUE. You will see that the healing process continues rapidly from the third day. In the small holes in the nape area, crusting begins within a week after healing. Although it may cause itching, do not scratch it. Between the 2nd week and 2 months, shedding begins. This is normal, do not panic. You will see that new ones come instead of the hair loss.

Hair Transplant Before After

hair transplant before after
Hair Transplant Turkey Before & After
Hair Transplant Turkey Before and After
hair trasnplant before after
Hair Transplant Turkey Before and After

Hair Transplant Before After

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Is hair transplantation a risky procedure?2023-02-09T16:29:34+03:00

If it is done by experts in the field of hair transplantation and in an appropriate clinical environment, it contains minimum risk.

Is there any preventive conditions for hair transplantation?2023-02-09T16:29:52+03:00

Some health cases can prevent the process of hair transplantation. The patient’s past health and used medications should be told as complete to the doctor. In such cases, different treatments may be considered.

Will it be obvious that I had a hair transplant?2023-03-29T16:30:22+03:00

If your transplantation is done as fit on the procedure and a specialist at hair transplantation, the result will extremely be natural.

How Should I Sleep after the hair transplantation?2023-02-09T16:30:21+03:00

You should not lay down on the transplanted area the first week after the transplantation.

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