What Causes Crusting After Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant is a microsurgical operation. The process of adding the hair follicles taken from the donor area to the balding part takes place by opening a channel or incision in the skin. Considering that an average of 3000 grafts are transplanted, this means 3000 holes. During the operation, the body secretes platelets. Thrombocyte is the body’s defence mechanism against injuries. This causes crusting. Blood and body fluid leaking from the canals and cuts in both the recipient and donor areas cause crusting. This is a usual condition experienced during the treatment process, indicating that the cut areas have healed. Because these crusts prevent bacteria that can leak in through the cuts. Since this crusting causes the scalp to be airless, it should be cleaned.

How do Scabs Fall Off After Hair Transplant?

As Hair Center of Turkey hair transplant clinic, one of the questions we frequently receive from our patients is “Can I peel the crusts formed after the operation”. Doing this causes the grafts to fall, damage and injury. The first thing to do to clean the crusts is to apply the softening lotion given with the doctor’s advice to the transplanted area. After this lotion is left for 30 minutes, it should be washed with a chemical-free shampoo recommended by the doctor. The temperature and flow rate of the water to be used in the washing process should be normal, and washing should be done by massaging with soft movements. Afterwards, ozone cream should be applied to the planting area. A soft towel or bandage can be used for drying. As a result, these crusts after the operation will fall off on their own within 15 days as long as you take the necessary care. No intervention should be made. In some cases where crusts rarely do not fall off, patients should act under the guidance of their doctor.

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