Unshaven Hair Transplant
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Hair is one of the most complementary elements in terms of posture and aesthetics in the human body. However, some reasons, especially genetic factors, certain skin and skin diseases, external factors, cause hair loss and if not prevented, complete baldness. Hair transplant has become a method that everyone, regardless of gender, has applied in recent years. However, most people do not favour hair transplant due to the shaving of the existing hair before the operation and the appearance afterwards. In this sense, unshaven hair transplant is a hair transplant method frequently preferred by both men and women in order not to spoil the daily aesthetic posture.

How Is Unshaven Hair Transplant Performed?

In the unshaven hair transplant method, only a small window is opened in the donor area at the back of the head and shaved. There is no complete shaving. With one of the FUE DHI, FUE Sapphire methods, hair follicles taken from the donor area are transplanted between the thinned hair and thickening is performed. Which method will be applied and the amount of graft is decided after the necessary controls performed by the specialist. You can learn everything you wonder about unshaved hair transplant by contacting our Istanbul hair transplant clinic Hair Center of Turkey.

Advantages Of Unshaven Hair Transplant

  • In addition to being a method that does not require a haircut, it is easier to camouflage the shaved area in terms of staying at the back of the hair. This means returning to routine life more quickly.
  • There is no change in the natural appearance of the hair.
  • Recovery is seen within 8-10 days after the procedure.
  • It is an ideal hair transplant method for people who do not have hair loss in the vertex area.
  • Since shaving the hair in women is a situation that attracts attention in society, it can often cause psychological discomfort. For this reason, unshaven hair transplant is a frequently preferred method for women who want to keep their hair transplant a secret.
  • In unshaven hair transplant, it is easier for people who have undergone the operation to adapt to the process.

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Disadvantages Of Unshaven Hair Transplant

  • In unshaven hair transplant, few grafts can be transplanted in parallel with the size of the donor area. It allows a maximum of 2500-3000 grafts to be transplanted.
  • There is a complex washing procedure compared to normal hair transplant. In addition, the lotion applied to the operated area may contaminate the existing hair. In this sense, the washing procedure should be well understood and applied.
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