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Laser Treatment For Hair Loss

Hair loss is a dermatological disorder that develops due to many factors such as genetic predisposition (androgenetic alopecia), environmental factors, side effects of the drugs used, chronic disorders and advancing age. 8 out of every 10 people in the world suffer from hair loss for various reasons. In order to solve the problem, they resort to treatment methods such as hair transplantation, hair mesotherapy, PRP, AGF 39 to regrow hair or to strengthen existing hair. People who not only experience hair loss but also want their existing hair to look more vivid and shiny can apply to this treatment method. It is not necessary to have a specific hair loss problem for this.

laser treatment turkey

Laser treatment is one of these treatment methods. Laser hair loss treatment is a treatment method that aims to strengthen the hair, restore it to its former health, make it brighter and more vibrant. It contributes to the development of hair by stopping hair loss due to different reasons, especially androgenetic alopecia, and accelerates blood circulation, allowing it to grow thicker and healthier. In addition to these, it also prevents existing oiliness in the hair. This method, which is especially preferred by women, does not interrupt routine life since it is not an aesthetic surgical procedure. The effect is permanent in the applied area. The sessions of hair laser treatment are determined according to the preliminary analyses. It can be said that it takes an average of 4 sessions. There should be 1 week between each session.

Who Can Have Laser Hair Treatment?

Anyone over the age of 18 is eligible for laser hair treatment as long as they meet the required procedures.

Who Cannot Have Laser Hair Treatment?

Women during pregnancy, people with hair and skin problems, people under the age of 18, people whose cancer treatment is still ongoing or has just ended are not suitable for hair laser treatment.

How is laser hair loss applied?

Firstly, the patient’s hair is analysed by a dermatologist. It is checked whether there is a problem in the scalp. If there is no problem in the scalp, the number of sessions is determined and the treatment phase is started. The hair is cleaned and made suitable for treatment. Small channels are opened with laser. Special ingredients that strengthen the hair are poured into the opened channels through serum and absorbed. 

laser treatment turkey

The purpose of laser application is to affect the hair follicles. It stops hair loss by penetrating the hair follicles through the opened channels. This application takes approximately 20-25 minutes. Hair laser treatment is not a painful procedure with side effects. Itching and redness after treatment is normal and temporary.

Hair Laser Treatment Before and After Hair Transplant

Applying hair laser treatment 2-3 months before the hair transplant procedure positively affects the healthier, lush and natural growth of the hair that will grow after the transplant. It is not approved to apply hair laser treatment immediately after the hair transplant operation. It is necessary to wait 2 months for this.

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