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Who Can Have Hair Transplant?

Hair loss is a treatable dermatological disorder that occurs due to genetic causes, internal disease, malnutrition, vitamin deficiency, psychological and hormonal disorders. People who suffer from hair loss sometimes resort to alternative medicine and sometimes to hair transplant. Hair transplant is the most reliable and effective method in today’s world against the problem of baldness seen in both men and women.

Who Can Have Hair Transplant

Age Range;

One of the most curious questions about suitability for hair transplant is the age range. There is no specific age limit for hair transplant. Anyone over 18 years of age can have a hair transplant. The main determining factor before the age range is the type and type of hair loss. It is not necessary to wait for the hair to fall out completely to have a hair transplant. Hair transplant treatment can also be applied to sparse hair. There is no specific age limit for this.

Donor Area Adequacy;

Everyone’s hair structure, growth and loss are different from each other. People who will undergo hair transplant should have sufficient amount of hair follicles in the donor area, which is called the donor area, behind the head and ears, chest and leg areas. Hair transplant can be performed on people with burn scars caused by environmental factors if the blood circulation still continues.

People with Chronic Diseases

People with chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes 1,2 should have a regular lifestyle (sleep pattern, healthy and regular diet, no substance and alcohol addiction) in order to have hair transplant. Some heart patients (corenar artery, rhythm disorder, insufficiency) believe that hair transplant is risky for them. Hair transplant can be performed on people with heart disease. However, if these people have had an operation, they should wait for 1 year. The reason for this is that the blood thinners they take make the operation difficult. As Hair Center of Turkey, with our expert anaesthesiologists, we can help people with such diseases. we carry out successful operations.

HIV, Hepatitis B-C

One of the misconceptions about hair transplant is that people with HIV, Hepatitis B-C disease cannot have hair transplant. People with this disease may well undergo a hair transplant operation. However, this operation must be performed with sterilised, disposable equipment with the necessary hygiene.

People with Psychological Disorders;

Although there are opinions that hair transplantation operation and the recovery period afterwards is a stressful and anxious process for people with psychological disorders, it is not suitable for this reason; Looking physically good is one of the most important sources of motivation for people. Hair loss is a condition that pushes the person to insecurity. For this reason, people with psychological disorders can have hair transplant knowing that they will have a good appearance at the end of the road.