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Hair Loss in Men

Hair loss can sometimes cause concern because it is a sign of illness. There is no need to worry about this issue all the time. Hair loss sometimes manifests itself periodically. It is temporary. Hair may fall out due to age, side effects of medications used in certain treatments. At the end of the treatment, the hair regains its former health. Daily hair loss of 50-100 hair strands is considered normal by experts in terms of human health. If this amount increases and lasts more than 2 months, it may be a sign of a medical condition. Expert help should be sought.

Male Hair Loss

Male Pattern Hair Loss / Why Does Hair Fall Out?

There are three male patterns of hair loss. These are
Gradual Hair Loss: This type of hair loss manifests itself as retraction of the front hairline, thinning of the hair strands in the crown area, and loss over time. This is exactly what we call male pattern hair loss.
Spread, Irregular Bald Spots: As the name suggests, this type of hair loss occurs in irregular rings on the head, not systematically.
Hair Loss with Skin Problems: The penetration of diseases such as ringworm and lupus into the scalp causes scaling and redness of the skin and causes hair loss in parallel. When the hair is touched

Genetic Factors (Androgenetic Alopecia):

Male pattern hair loss is caused by DHT, an androgenic steroid. DHT has an important role in the formation of the male organ in the womb and in the change of voice and body structure during puberty. In people who are genetically predisposed, DHT affects the hair and causes it to weaken and fall out over time. This situation is not the same for everyone. The hair of men who are sensitive to DHT begins to fall out in their 20s and 30s, and by the 50s, it results in baldness of the affected areas. In this type of hair loss, the hairline in the front begins to recede and thinning of the hair in the crown area is noticed. This is called androgenetic alopecia. On the contrary, people who do not have sensitivity can protect their hair from this condition until a very advanced age. Medications can be taken under the supervision of a doctor to partially stop the progression of male pattern hair loss. However, it is not possible for the hair to grow again with medication or natural methods.

Some Medical Diseases:

Some diseases that can affect the scalp such as thyroid gland disorder, diabetes, ringworm, hair plucking disease, lupus, eczema and psoriasis trigger hair loss.

Some chronic conditions;

In addition to drugs used for insulin, diabetes, and rheumatic diseases, hair may fall out as a side effect of weight loss pills, hormone pills, and drugs used for chemotherapy. Hair sometimes falls out due to the use of medication, and sometimes it falls out because the use of medication is discontinued.


Vitamin and mineral deficiency, fast weight loss diets without protein balance, zinc, biotin and iron deficiency, smoking weaken the hair. Excessive weight loss as well as rapid and disproportionate weight gain affect the health of the hair and cause hair loss.


Hair loss is seen in almost everyone as they get older. All cells in the human body grow and die over time. As we get older, the rate of death of dying cells increases. This is also the reason why bone resorption and skin cannot renew itself. As we age, the moisture and oil content in our scalp decreases, which causes the hair to become dry and thin and eventually fall out.

Excessive Stressful Lifestyle

Living under excessive stress has a great effect on hair as well as everything in human health. Hair follicles are living cells and a stressful lifestyle, psychological disorders often cause hair loss.

Wrong Hair Care Products and Styling

Blow-dryers and hair styllers are care products that are frequently used not only by women but also by men today. These technological devices that emit high heat cause the hair to lose moisture, weaken and eventually fall out. In addition, poor quality conditioners, sprays, powder styling products with high chemical content also trigger the hair to wear out and fall out. This is called Central Centrifugal Cicatricial Alopecia. There are also hairstyles in which the hair follicles are pulled tight and braided. This type of hairstyle is also very harmful for the scalp and causes hair loss. This is also called traction alopecia.

Traumatic Events

Sudden events that create a shock effect in the body, traumatic situations or a change in physical appearance is another factor causing hair loss.

Male Pattern Hair Loss Why Does Hair Fall Out

How To Prevent Hair Loss in Men?

A large percentage of hair loss in men is caused by genetic reasons. The remaining part is caused by the reasons mentioned above. Except for adrogenetic genetic hair loss, vitamin deficiency, diet, side effects of medications, etc., hair loss can be solved with drug treatment, natural methods, PRP and hair mesotherapy sessions with a dermatologist. Because most of these hair loss are temporary conditions in the short term. These methods are attempts to protect and strengthen the existing hair. It would be an optimistic approach to think that the lost hair will grow from under the skin with these methods. The regrowth of lost hair from under the skin is nowadays realised with hair transplantation operations and stem cell therapies thanks to the technology that renews itself a little more and more every day. Of course, in order for these procedures to be successfully applied, it is necessary to have cells that still maintain their vitality under the skin. If you are wondering whether you are suitable for hair transplantation, you can read our articles “Who Can Have Hair Transplantation?” and “Who Is Not Suitable for Hair Transplantation?” on our Hair Centre of Turkey website. Hair transplantation gives permanent and lifelong results if it is performed in a good clinic by specialist doctors and experienced teams. Transplanting the patients’ own hair follicles to the baldness area is the guarantee of a natural appearance. Hair transplantation allows to cover large areas of baldness. A dense and dense hair appearance is obtained after the treatment in terms of the opportunity to transplant a large number of grafts in a single session. Hair transplantation is performed under local anaesthesia to avoid pain and ache. Istanbul hair transplant clinic Hair Center of Turkey, unlike many hair transplant clinics in Turkey, performs the operations of its patients under sedation in addition to local anaesthesia. This procedure is performed by our expert anaesthesia doctor.

What is good for hair loss in men?

In order to partially prevent temporary hair loss, changes can be made in the diet. Foods containing vitamins and minerals that nourish the scalp should be consumed. In this sense, B12, vitamins E and D, folic acid, Omega 3, Omega 6 supplements can be taken.

Who inherits the baldness gene?

According to recent research at the University of Bonn, the baldness gene is not inherited from the father, contrary to popular belief, but from the mother through the influence of the X chromosome.

Does insomnia cause hair loss?

Sleep irregularity, insomnia is one of the main factors affecting the quality of life. This includes hair quality. Insomnia reduces hair quality and causes hair loss.

How to recognise male pattern hair loss?

Male pattern hair loss is recognised by the retraction of the front hairline and the thinning on the crown. This type of hair loss is male pattern hair loss.

Does smoking make hair fall out?

In the light of researches, smoking causes vitamin A deficiency. It affects blood circulation, affects DNA structure and cells, causing hair thinning and hair loss.

Why does hair loss occur in men at an early age?

There may be many reasons for this. Genetic predisposition, hormone problems, excessive stress, some medications used, vitamin deficiency, wrong product selection (shampoo, conditioner, spray), psychological problems. These are all factors that trigger hair loss.

Does doing sports cause hair loss?

Although not all types of sports, intense and heavy forms of sports can cause hair loss. It falls into the category of temporary hair loss. It is not permanent.

Does hair loss in men grow back?

This situation varies depending on the vitality of the follicles. If the hair follicles have lost their function, the lost hair will not grow again. If its vitality continues under the skin, it can grow again with various procedures.

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