Does Sweating Damage Hair Transplant?

Does sweating affect hair transplant badly? Does sweating damage hair grafts (hair follicles)? Recently, hair restoration has become a rising trend. One of the questions that men and women who have hair transplant wonder are whether sweating damages the transplanted hair. In this article, we will talk about whether sweating after hair transplant is harmful to hair grafts. So let’s get started.

Why Do People Have Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant is one of the methods used by people who experience hair loss and hair loss. Today, hair loss problems are a problem faced especially by middle-aged white men, but it can also affect men in their 20s.

There are many methods used for hair loss treatment. Some of them are medications such as DHT inhibitors or alternative medicine methods. Although such treatment methods or medications prevent patients from losing their hair for a certain period of time, hair loss continues after they stop using the medications.

The most permanent solution for people suffering from hair loss, baldness, or thinning hair is hair restoration. Hair transplant is a procedure performed using the person’s own hair. It is performed by transplanting hair from the back of the head, which is genetically resistant to hair loss, to the frontal area. Since the hair on the back of the head, between the 2 ears, is resistant to shedding, the transplanted hair becomes permanent. In addition, since the transplanted hair is the person’s own hair, it is easy to harmonize with the remaining hair.

Hair transplant is a proven aesthetic surgical intervention. After thousands of successful results, confidence in the results of hair transplant has increased gradually. Hair transplant gives successful results if it is performed by reliable people.

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How Does Sweating Affect Hair Transplant Results?

There are many rules that patients should follow during or after hair transplant. For example, not using alcohol, smoking or drugs before hair transplantation is among them. After hair transplant, these habits should be avoided for a while so that the hair can be nourished in a healthy way. In addition, after hair restoration, you should use the shampoos and creams recommended by your doctor, sleep at night by protecting your head, do not do heavy sports and do not have sexual intercourse.

After hair restoration, one of the factors that affect the transplanted hair grafts (hair follicles) the most is sweating. Sweating after hair transplant can cause hair loss by preventing the scalp from getting air. Excessive and continuous sweating can also adversely affect the growth of hair grafts.

Sweat can cause hair loss due to its lactic acid content. Patients should pay attention to prevent the transplanted hair from being affected by sweat. After hair transplan, patients should not do sports or have sexual intercourse to prevent hair grafts from being affected by sweat. At the same time, situations such as stress, anxiety and fear can also cause sweating. In this sense, after hair transplant, you should not watch horror movies, avoid activities that may cause sweating such as horror tunnels and extreme sports. If sweating is widespread and recurs intensively, hair follicles may be affected.

Does Exercising After Hair Transplant Affect Hair Transplant Results?

After hair transplant, patients should regularly care for their scalp and avoid sweating. Patients should avoid carrying heavy loads and physical exercises that may cause sweating. During the healing process, patients should avoid physical exercises that may cause sweating for 14 days after transplantation.

Sweating may not only be caused by going to sports or exercising. Going to saunas and steam baths, standing in the sun or being in a hot environment can also cause sweating. These activities should be avoided as they will also cause sweating. In the one-month period after hair transplant, you should protect your hair grafts from such environments that may cause intense sweating.

Why Should Patients Avoid Sweating After Hair Transplant?

Patients are at risk of infection with excessive sweating. If infection occurs in the transplanted grafts, the success of hair transplant results will decrease. Therefore, you should avoid exposure to direct sunlight for at least 14 days after hair transplant. Because during this time, the grafts begin to settle in place.

How long should you wait to exercise after a hair transplant?

After hair transplantation, you should wait 14 days to exercise or do heavy sports. Within 14 days, the grafts in the hair will have settled. After this period, you can do other activities that may cause sweating, including heavy sports.

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