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Causes Of Hair Loss

What is Hair  Loss?

Hair loss (alopecia) is a dermatological disorder that occurs due to genetic predisposition, hormone disorders, scalp problems, psychological reasons, irregular nutrition. Hair loss is not always a harbinger of a disease. Considering that there are approximately 100 thousand hair strands on a person’s head, it is quite normal for 50-100 hair strands to fall daily and for healthier and thicker hair to grow instead, and it is a situation that indicates that the person is healthy. Hair grows about 6 inches a year for most people. However, sometimes intense hair loss due to stress situations, contact with chemicals, temporary illnesses, and hair loss lasting up to 2 months may be a harbinger of the disease.

What Causess Hair Loss?

Hair loss in men starts at the age of 15-16. While hair loss in men is generally caused by genetics, this situation is different in women. Birth control pills, birth, breastfeeding, menopause process can trigger hair loss. There are also external factors. The use of high heat emitting items such as hair straighteners, tongs, blow-dryers, chemical dyes cause the hair to lose moisture, wear out, dry and fall out. Very tight hairstyles (braiding, top picking) cause hair loss called traction alopecia. There are certain symptoms of hair loss. 

hair loss in men

These are; Gradual thinning on the top of the head, circular bald spots, itching and pain of the skin, loosening of the hair, pulling the hairline in general in women (frontal fibrosing alopecia), chemotherapy, treatment-related conditions. Exfoliation of the scalp is a sign of ringworm. Hair loss in children is a condition caused by unhealthy nutrition. Anaemia, iron deficiency, B12 deficiency, lupus disease, ringworm, hair pulling disease are among the causes of hair loss in children. If we look at the main causes of hair loss;


Hair loss is seen in almost everyone as they get older. All cells in the human body grow and die over time. As we get older, the rate of death of dying cells increases. This is also the reason why bone resorption and skin cannot renew itself. As we get older, the moisture and oil content in our scalp decreases, which causes the hair to dry and thin and eventually fall out.

Genetic Predisposition

Gene interactions are one of the most common causes of hair loss. In men of advanced age, due to hormone-sensitive genes, growth begins in the shedding area over time and baldness occurs. This condition is called androgenic alopecia, male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness. It usually occurs gradually. It is seen as thinning along the top of the head in women and receding hairline in men.

Skin Diseases

Since dermatological diseases such as psoriasis, eczema, acne, excessive oiliness of the scalp are diseases directly related to the skin, hair loss is observed during this period. After treatment hair loss stops. If hair loss continues despite the end of the treatment, a doctor’s opinion should be sought.

Improper and Inadequate Nutrition / Improper Diet

Another cause of hair loss is improper and inadequate diet. Fast food, fatty foods with carbohydrates, protein and fat ratio is not provided, both damages the health of the body and causes hair loss. Hair follicles are living cells and when they do not receive the vitamins they need, they dry and wear out. Diets with low protein or calories restricted below a certain rate also cause hair loss.

hair loss in men

Mineral and Vitamin Deficiency

Sometimes, even though people have a regular and adequate diet, they do not contain the necessary vitamins and minerals in their bodies. This causes hair loss. At this point, it is necessary to take supplements. Biotin, zinc, folic acid, B12, B, E, C vitamins are vitamins that are good for hair. If the change in diet did not work, these supplements should be taken under the supervision of a doctor after a blood test.


Infections caused by various reasons cause hair loss when they affect the scalp. Infections can be seen as redness, fungus, scaling, pus. Infections on the scalp are contagious and are usually seen in children. It is usually caused by using the same hat or scarf with someone else.


Side effects of some medicines cause hair loss. Not every medicine has the same effect. Drugs that cause hair loss in general; Some cholesterol-lowering drugs, some blood pressure medications, gout medication, some acne and acne medications. People who use these medicines should consult a doctor when they notice hair loss and, if possible, use another equivalent medicine.

hair loss in men

Internal Diseases and Hormone Problems

Hormones are the most effective internal factor in hair loss. Hormone supplements can be taken under doctor control. Thyroid gland, rheumatism, diabetes, arthritis, depression, lupus, kidney gland diseases and eating disorders can trigger hair loss. After treatment, the hair begins to grow again unless there is an underlying wound.

Psychological Causes

Hair loss does not only occur physically and due to a disease. Many of the disorders occurring in the human body are stress-related. Events related to psychology such as stress, anxiety and depression can also trigger hair loss. In cases where personal efforts are insufficient, a doctor should be consulted. If you are experiencing hair loss due to any of these reasons and want to be treated. You can contact Hair Centre of Turkey and remove the question marks in your head.

Traumatic Hair Styling

So far, we have talked about hair loss caused by internal factors in general. In many of these, there is a possibility that the hair loss can be restored with the necessary treatments. However, if no precautions are taken in hair loss caused by traumatic hair styling, the hair will not grow back as before. Chemical-containing dyes, shampoos, care creams, etc., hair straightening tools, especially preferred by women, tongs, using high heat scattering dryers, especially on the scalp, cause scarring and damage to the hair. It causes hair dryness and paves the way for quick breakage. In the same way, collecting the hair by squeezing it from the very bottom and braiding triggers hair loss.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Hair loss in men can start from the age of 15. There can be many reasons such as genetic factors, medical treatments, use of chemical products and stress. In women, menopause, genetic factors and other external factors can cause hair loss.

Fast food, excessive carbohydrates and excessively fatty foods are other causes of hair loss. Hair follicles are living creatures. Unhealthy nutrition can kill hair follicles and negatively affect skin health.

The most obvious cause of hair loss, especially in men, is genetic factors. Genetic hair loss usually occurs over time.

Hair follicles are living cells. If they do not receive the necessary vitamins and minerals, they can die. Biotin, zinc, omega-3, vitamins C and E nourish and strengthen hair and slow down hair loss.

Hormones are the most effective internal factor in hair loss. Hormone supplements can be taken under doctor’s supervision. In order to detect hormone disorder or deficiency, it is necessary to consult a specialist doctor.

Applying devices such as blow dryers and hair straighteners that produce excessive heat to the hair for a long time can be harmful. It is also necessary to stay away from chemical-containing hair care products. Hair can be cared for with natural oils.

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