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What is gray hair? What is good for gray hair?

Gray hair is a natural sign of aging, like wrinkles around the eyes. Some people are bothered by gray hair, while others think it adds maturity and charm. It is possible to hide gray hair with a few dye treatments, but as the hair grows, the gray hair will reappear. So, what is good for gray hair? You can find the details in our article.

What is good for gray hair

What is gray hair?

Gray hair occurs when the pigments eumelanin and pheomelanin, which give hair its color, are not produced due to factors such as age and genetic factors. This condition can be seen in any hair color, but it can be aesthetically disturbing as it is more prominent in dark hair. According to research, gray hair starts in the 30s in Caucasians, whereas in blacks it usually starts in their 40s. This shows that racial distribution is effective in gray hair.

White hair gives a gray and ashy reflection on the hair. This process accelerates with age, but can occur as early as adolescence, depending on other factors. Since gray hair is considered a sign of old age all over the world, the causes and solutions to gray hair, especially at an early age, are attracting more attention.

What is good for gray hair

What Causes Gray Hair?

The causes of gray hair arise due to many different situations. A detailed examination of these causes is as follows:

The most important cause of gray hair is genetic factors. In addition to close family members, hair graying can be seen even in the 20s due to genetic traits from descendants.

Gray hair, which is associated with aging, is caused by a decrease in melanin pigment. Although not everyone ages at the same rate, this may vary according to hair type. It progresses faster in some people. Although it is not possible to stop age-related graying, it is possible to slow down this process by paying attention to other factors.

Irregular Nutrition:
Gray hair can be a signal that our body sends us. Vitamin deficiencies, especially calcium and B12 deficiency, as a result of inadequate and unbalanced nutrition can lead to hair graying. To prevent this, it is important to eat regularly and take the necessary vitamin supplements.

Stress and Sudden Trauma:
Increased stress and anxiety disorders are one of the major causes of gray hair. It is known that stress can cause hair graying. In order to prevent this, it is important to avoid stress and overcome situations without causing excessive stress. As an example from history, it is said that Queen Marie Antoinette of France’s hair turned completely white due to the shock she experienced before her execution. Stress combined with genetic factors is one of the main causes of gray hair at a young age.

Thyroid and Pituitary Gland Disorders:
The functioning of the thyroid glands directly affects melanin synthesis. Abnormalities in T3 and T4 hormones affect melanin secretion, which determines the color of the hair. Therefore, it is recommended to check thyroid function.

Pernicious Anemia
One of the important causes of gray hair at a young age is pernicious anemia. This condition, caused by B12 deficiency, occurs when not enough red blood cells are produced and can be detected and treated with blood tests.

Polyosis is characterized by a tuft of white hair, eyebrows and eyelashes. Polyosis is a hereditary disease and is associated with vitiligo, Werner syndrome and alopecia areata (ringworm). Its progression can be slowed, but it is not expected to go away completely.

Chemical Substances:
One of the important causes of gray hair at a young age is bleaching agents, dyes and high heat applied to the hair. These chemical applications can cause graying by disrupting the health of the hair.
There are many causes of gray hair and understanding these causes is important to protect hair health. By taking this information into account, it is possible to slow down and prevent gray hair.

What is good for gray hair

What is good for gray hair?

Although it is not possible to completely prevent gray hair, there are some effective methods to slow down the rate of graying. There are some suggestions you can apply in this process. So, what is good for gray hair?

Balanced Nutrition:
Research shows that a diet lacking vitamins and minerals can lead to pigment loss in hair. A balanced and healthy diet full of protein-rich foods such as eggs, fish and milk can help delay premature graying of hair.

Taking Vitamin Supplements:
Eating a healthy diet is important, but sometimes it alone is not enough. Vitamin B12, D, E and biotin deficiency can cause premature graying of hair. In addition to a healthy and balanced diet, you can support the process by supplementing these vitamins externally. Copper supplementation is also reported to have positive effects on hair pigments.

Quitting Smoking
Smoking not only ages your skin, but also your hair. Scientists suggest that smoking has negative effects on hair cells and can lead to premature graying. Therefore, quitting smoking is also an important step for your hair health.

Avoiding Stress:
The negative effects of stress on mental and physical health are known