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Hair Transplant Costs in Turkey

Hair is one of the most complementary elements for external appearance, regardless of men and women. Losing 50-100 strands of hair a day and then growing thicker and healthier hair is normal and indicates that people have a healthy skin. Most people’s hair grows 6 inches a year. But there are also people below this level. There are many reasons for hair loss, especially genetic. While hair loss in men occurs due to genetic reasons at a young age, external factors play a role in addition to the genetic factor in women. Vitamin and mineral deficiency, improper diets, birth control pills, hair colouring and care products containing chemicals cause hair loss in women. However, regardless of gender, excessive stress is also one of the factors leading to hair loss. In this case, people who experience hair loss resort to many ways such as alternative medicine, hair transplant and stem cells for treatment. Hair transplant, one of the treatment methods, is one of the most preferred methods with the developing and changing technology in recent years.


Hair Transplant Methods

FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant)


In the FUT method, the skin is removed by lifting the skin behind the ear, not as a graft. The rate of surgery and bleeding is very high. Since it is an old method that lags behind the developing technology and progress in medicine, it is not preferred today.

Sapphire FUE


FUE DHI is one of the hair transplant methods frequently preferred by both women and men. After the necessary analyses are performed, the donor area is shaved and the graft area is opened. With the FUE method, a determined number of grafts are taken from the donor area. Then, it is transferred to the area to be transplanted with a medical pen called Choi used in the DHI method. DHI method is a method that allows approximately 5000-6000 grafts to be taken in one session. This transplant method aims to make the follicles more frequent and direct. Another feature is that it is performed without opening the canal. It gives positive results when performed by specialised doctors and hair transplant specialists under appropriate conditions. Bleeding, infection risk is low. Hair follicles are more likely to remain alive. Since it is a procedure without shaving, it is a method that women can easily prefer. Patients return to their daily lives quickly due to the fast recovery time after the operation.

Sapphire FUE

The treatment method in Sapphire Fue hair transplant is the same as FUE. Only the channels in the area to be transplanted are opened with tips made of sapphire ore. Sapphire tips allow smaller and smoother micro channels to be opened. Recovery time is shorter. More frequent transplant is performed. It minimises tissue destruction.

Why Turkey for Hair Transplantation?

Turkey, hair transplants, and other aesthetic interventions, and even in the health sector in general, keeping pace with the developing technology and renewing itself accordingly in this regard takes the first place among the countries. In recent years, Turkey has been referred to as the stronghold of health tourism in this regard. And thousands of people who know this every year prefer Turkey for hair transplants and other medical interventions. Health tourism, which started in Istanbul, is now rising in Ankara and Izmir. Reasons for this ;

Turkey has pioneered research on hair transplants since the first day.

As a result of pioneering studies in this field, it has the best specialist doctors in the field

It applies treatment with the latest technologies in hair transplant.

FUT and some other methods applied in other countries are considered outdated by experts in Turkey.

It has a suitable weather climate for hair transplant operations.

It allows you to have both a quality and affordable treatment process.

Clinics have the appropriate certificates required.

Health tourism in Turkey has an important place in the economy.

There is no language barrier for patients from abroad. Each clinic has interpreters to answer the question marks in the minds of the patients.

Hair transplant operation is sold as a package in Turkey. The price given only for hair transplants in other countries includes treatment in Turkey, 3 nights and 4 days accommodation in a 5-star hotel, VIP transfer between the airport, hotel and clinic, all necessary medicines, shampoo and spray, interpreter accompaniment, blood test, and 1 session of PRP treatment.

Besides all these, most of the clinics in Turkey are located in Istanbul. Istanbul has been one of the most important metropolises of the world for 16 centuries and has been the place where events that will significantly affect world history took place. Nowadays, it is the center of culture and art with its old and contemporary art galleries and museums as well as not losing its historical texture. People who will prefer Turkey for hair transplant can have an operation here and enjoy the city during their stay.

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Hair Transplant Costs

So, what are the hair transplant prices determined according to? There are many functions that affect the determination of hair transplant prices. Hair transplant is a procedure performed by transplanting hair follicles in follicles. First of all, the hair transplant technique to be applied in many parts of the world and the number of grafts to be transplanted are the most important factors that determine the price. In addition, many factors such as the preferred clinic, the location of the clinic, the quality of the specialists, the materials used, the result of the patient’s hair analysis are other factors that determine the hair transplant prices. The parameter affecting hair transplant prices in Turkey is not the number of grafts. Operations are sold as a package. The fact that hair transplant is cheap in Turkey does not mean that the operation is of poor quality. This is due to the competition between clinics.

Advantages Of Chosing Turkey Hair Center For Hair Transplant

Hair Center of Turkey has successfully performed hair, beard and eyebrow transplant operations for more than 8 thousand patients for 9 years in its clinic in Istanbul. In addition to hair transplant with its expert doctors and teams, sterile environment and state-of-the-art technology, it also offers PRP, mesotherapy and AGF-39 treatments as free sessions. While many clinics in Istanbul do not prefer it, it offers sedation and sapphire ore tips to its patients who want to have a more comfortable and painless operation. The medical drugs and materials you will use after the operation are provided to you free of charge by our clinic. Hair Center of Turkey accompanies you from the moment you land from the airport until the day you leave for a healthy and trouble-free process. We will always be in contact with you with our translators and counsellors during the recovery process. We organise your transportation from the airport to the hotel and clinic we have chosen for you under VIP conditions.

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