Dr. Rasime Erkan

Dermatological Specialist

Rasime Erkan, who has the title of specialist doctor in dermatology, was born in Kayseri. Coming to Istanbul at the age of 2, Dr. Rasime Erkan completed her education here and continued her studies.
In 1981, Dr. Rasime Erkan graduated from Istanbul Medical Faculty and started her professional career in a private hospital in Istanbul. In the following years, she completed her specialization in the Department of Dermatology at Istanbul Medical Faculty and continued her career success by completing the “Specialization” exam in 1988.
Dr. Rasime Erkan worked as the “Chief Physician” of the hospital in 1992 while continuing her duty in a private hospital. She continued her career as Chief Physician and Dermatologist and after her retirement, she established Lazermed Beauty Center and started working in her own clinic.
Dr. Rasime Erkan is currently a dermatologist at Hair Center of Turkey hair transplant clinic and continues her valuable work in our hair transplant clinic with her experience and knowledge in the diagnosis and treatment of dermatological diseases.

Hair Center of Turkey

Dr. Rasime Erkan specializes in the following areas:

  • Diagnosis and treatment of dermatological diseases such as blemishes, scars, eczema, hair loss, fungal diseases,
  • She has successful applications in medical aesthetics and cosmetic fields such as Botox, Fillers, PRP- Mesotherapy, Anti-aging.


The associations that Dr. Rasime Erkan is a member of are as follows:

  • Turkish Dermatology Association,
    Istanbul Skin and Venereal Diseases Association,
    She is a member of
  • Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dermatology Association.
  • Dr. Rasime Erkan continues her profession with pleasure in our Hair Center of Turkey hair transplant clinic.
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