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Can I Dye my hair after hair transplant surgery?

Is hair dyed after hair transplant? Questions such as when to dye the hair after hair restoration are among the questions that those who want to have a hair transplant are curious about. If you want to dye your hair after hair transplant, you need to pay attention to some issues. In this article, we have answered the questions you wonder about dyeing after hair transplant. So let’s get started.

Can hair be dyed after hair transplant

Can hair be dyed after hair transplant?

It is too early to dye the hair immediately after hair restoration. Since hair transplant is a surgical process, sensitivity will occur in the areas where hair is removed and transplanted. In this process, dyeing the hair increases sensitivity. Especially the chemical substances in hair dye are harmful for the transplanted hair due to its irritating structure. In this sense, dyeing the hair after hair transplant will be painful and harmful. In order to have your hair dyed after hair transplant, you should consult your doctor and find the most suitable time period for you.

When can hair be dyed after hair transplant

When can hair be dyed after hair transplant?

The average time it takes to dye the hair after hair restoration is 3 months. No matter which hair transplant method you use, the time required is the same. According to the opinion of experts, hair shows signs of growth from the 6th month after hair transplantation. After this period, the patient’s hair grows very quickly in the period between 6 months and 1 year.

Experts generally do not recommend dyeing the hair immediately after hair transplantation. It is also recommended to leave the transplanted hair in its original color in order to see maximum efficiency after hair restoration. In addition, when the transplanted hair starts to grow, it will start to grow stronger and healthier, so there may be a tonal difference between the new hair transplanted and the old hair. As a result, waiting at least 3 months to dye your hair after hair transplant allows you to get a healthier coloring result.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

After hair transplant, hair can be dyed. But some time must have passed since the Operation. Because dyes are chemicals. It can damage the grafts and negatively affect the healing process.

It takes 3 months after the operation. You can dye your hair after 3 months. Keeping the hair in its natural color also provides the opportunity to observe complications that can develop after the operation.

Hair dyes are chemicals. It can damage grafts. In addition, it is necessary to allow time for the scalp to heal after the operation. Hair can be dyed 3 months after the operation with expert approval. In addition, when choosing paint, attention should be paid to its content and quality brands should be used.

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