Why Am I Losing So Much Hair?

The question of why am I losing so much hair is the basic question of both men and women. Hair loss can occur due to reasons such as stress, iron deficiency, hormonal disorders, seasonal changes. Most of the time, the reason of the hair loss is genetic. There is no definite solution to this problem, but it can be prevented.

Hair loss can isolate the person from his social life. It may even be a sign of some diseases. Even a healthy person loses an average of 100-150 strands of hair per day. However, if this number increases and more of your hair starts to fall out, you may need to consult a dermatologist. After that, the type and the cause of hair loss are determined and a treatment is given according to the person.

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What Causes Hair Loss?

If you’re wondering why you are losing so much hair, here are some reasons:

§ Shampoo change,

§ Change of seasons,

§ Genetic causes,

§ Inability to wash and rinse the hair well,

§ Some drugs,

§ Stress,

§ Hormonal conditions,

§ Bad nutrition.

The causes of hair loss differ for men and women. For men, it is genetic. As they age, hair loss begins. For women, it usually begins to appear after childbirth. It is not possible to prevent hair loss. Hair falls out and grows back, it is impossible to stop this flow. The permanent treatment method used against hair loss is hair transplantation. If you’ve never had hair loss, you are very lucky because most people suffer from this condition. 

Hair loss for children happens due to ‘Alopecia Areta’, which is known as ‘hair breaker’ among the people. It is not contagious. This type has the size of a coin and causes shedding in many parts of the hair, and they need to start the treatment immediately, otherwise all the hair on their head might gradually fall out.


What are the Types of Hair Loss?

• Male Pattern Hair Loss; this type is more common for men. Start with thinning at the top of the head then at the back.

• Alopecia Areta Type Hair Loss; It is a sudden disease. It is usually seen in young people. Hair loss occurs in the form of coins. It can be seen not only in the hair, but also in other hairy parts of the body.

• Hair Loss Due to Thyroid Hormones; With the under-functioning of the thyroid gland, hair loss occur in the body. Hair returns to normal 2 months after thyroid hormone treatment.

 Hair Loss Due to Vitamin Deficiency; Hair loss may occur due to deficiencies such as iron, zinc, biotin, vitamin B12 and vitamin D. It is possible to slow down your hair loss a little by supplementing these vitamins.

• Stress-Related Hair Loss; Just like stress causes hair loss, shedding of your hair can trigger stress and cause more shedding. Thus, a vicious circle is formed. If your hair loss lasts for more than 2 months, you should consult a specialist.

• Hair Loss Due to Dental Caries; The immune system, which fights against the bacteria entering the body with dental diseases, starts to damage healthy body cells after a while. As a result, hair loss begins. If you have dental problems and your hair has started to fall out, it is essential to see a dentist.

What Is Good For Hair Loss?

If you have found an answer to your question ‘why am I losing so much hair’ then you can start looking at what is good for your hair. Your treatment begins after your dermatologist examination. In addition to the treatment, you can strengthen your hair by applying some hair care products.

Hair loss is an unavoidable condition, but it is in your hands to prevent this situation or at least slow it down. Keep in mind that too much heat causes both hair loss and deterioration of its structure. You can use combs suitable for your hair type and take care to comb your hair gently.

You can nourish and strengthen your hair using hair care products containing black garlic. It helps your hair grow with the vitamins in black garlic oil. Products containing rosemary oil and coconut oil prevent the problem of baldness and cause hair growth too. 

Hair Transplant Before After

hair transplant before after
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Hair Transplant Turkey Before and After
hair trasnplant before after
Hair Transplant Turkey Before and After

Hair Transplant Before After

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Is hair transplantation a risky procedure?2023-02-09T16:29:34+03:00

If it is done by experts in the field of hair transplantation and in an appropriate clinical environment, it contains minimum risk.

Is there any preventive conditions for hair transplantation?2023-02-09T16:29:52+03:00

Some health cases can prevent the process of hair transplantation. The patient’s past health and used medications should be told as complete to the doctor. In such cases, different treatments may be considered.

Will it be obvious that I had a hair transplant?2023-03-29T16:30:22+03:00

If your transplantation is done as fit on the procedure and a specialist at hair transplantation, the result will extremely be natural.

How Should I Sleep after the hair transplantation?2023-02-09T16:30:21+03:00

You should not lay down on the transplanted area the first week after the transplantation.

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