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What is Hair Mesotherapy?

Hair mesotherapy is a method of injecting a minimal dose of beneficial mixtures into problem areas on the scalp. The word mesotherapy is derived from the words ‘meso’ and ‘therapy’. Mesotherapy literally means “middle layer” and is used to improve the middle layer of the hair. Hair mesotherapy is a treatment method used to strengthen thinning and falling hair and to nourish hair follicles. In hair mesotherapy, mixtures are injected under the scalp using micro injection tools. This method aims to revitalize and regrow hair follicles.

Hair mesotherapy is a highly preferred treatment method in recent years. Hair mesotherapy is basically a treatment performed by injecting the vitamins, minerals and amino acids needed by the hair into the scalp. In order to achieve healthy and lush hair, many factors must be realized. First of all, it is important to discover what the main problem of the hair is and to apply a treatment method according to these problems.

There are many reasons for hair loss based on internal or environmental factors. First of all, when we look at the internal causes, we can say that hair loss can occur due to genetic reasons or due to a disease. Today, there are diseases such as androgenetic alopecia (male pattern baldness) and alopecia areta (ringworm) that can be seen in both men and women. Hair loss called androgenetic alopecia is largely genetic. In addition, some skin diseases can also cause hair loss. These include: Lupus, Eczema, Mother of pearl, Ringworn; Fungal İnfection.

If you have such skin diseases, you may experience hair loss on your scalp. In addition, diseases that weaken the immune system, such as diabetes, can also cause hair loss. In women, hair loss occurs due to B12 and iron deficiencies, pregnancy or menopause, while men experience hair loss due to genetic reasons. In addition, poor living conditions, smoking, alcohol use and substance abuse can also cause hair follicles to be insufficiently nourished, weaken and fall out.
There are many treatment methods that can be applied for hair loss treatment. Some of them are medical drugs, shampoos, laser treatments, AGF-39 mesotherapy and hair transplant. Hair transplant is a plastic surgery method used for severe hair loss and hair loss. Unlike other methods, hair transplant is a one-time procedure with permanent results.

How is hair mesotherapy applied?

So how is hair mesotherapy applied? Which ingredients are used during hair mesotherapy? Let’s look at these now. Micro injection tools are used during hair mesotherapy. Vitamin and mineral supplements used for hair growth and development contribute to hair growth. With this method, amino acids and surface expanders necessary for hair are injected into the scalp, aiming to strengthen and revitalize the hair follicles. With the hair mesotherapy method, inactive hair follicles in the scalp are awakened and healed for new hair follicles to grow. This method also gives positive results against dandruff problem in the hair.

Mesotherapy treatment is a hair treatment method that should be applied by experienced specialists. An inexperienced person cannot perform this application. The vitamins and nutrients that your hair needs to grow faster and be healthier are applied with the help of injections.

Injections can be applied after experienced doctors decide on the method to be applied to the patient. Every person’s scalp problem is different. You will first need to have a blood test to find out the cause of your hair weakening or hair loss. Therefore, it is useful to consult your doctor first and find out the main problem behind your hair loss.

In Which Situations Can Hair Mesotherapy Be Applied?

Hair mesotherapy is a method that every person with hair problems can apply today. Hair loss and thinning hair are the main problems. Apart from this, dandruff is among the common complaints seen in hair. With mesotherapy treatment, your dandruff problem is reduced. In addition, dry scalp, hair breakage and hair loss, scrawny and thinning hair and some problems based on the deterioration of the sebaceous glands in the hair can be reduced with hair mesotherapy.

How Many Sessions Does Hair Mesotherapy Take?

In order to achieve an effective result in hair mesotherapy, patients need to receive treatment between 4 and 14 sessions. In this treatment method, patients cannot be expected to get rid of their hair problems in 2-3 sessions. Depending on the problem on your scalp, hair mesotherapy may be shorter or longer. Before hair mesotherapy performed by hair specialists, the main problem in the hair should be found out and a treatment method should be applied accordingly.

What are the Benefits of Hair Mesotherapy?

In the mesotherapy mixture, certain amounts of minerals and vitamins are placed according to the needs of each patient. Ampoule ingredients are prepared to get rid of existing hair problems and achieve maximum results. Ampoules of beneficial ingredients for hair are injected into the scalp layer. The ampoule contents contribute to the growth and development of the hair and help the hair look more vibrant and shiny. The benefits of the procedure are as follows:

  •  Hair loss begins to stop,
  • Hair growth takes place,
  • The sebaceous glands shrink and your curls become more defined and voluminous,
  •  Blood flow and oxygen delivery to the hair follicles increases,
  • Dandruff in your hair decreases,
  • Hair gains vitality and shine,

To get the maximum benefit from hair mesotherapy, it is useful to follow the number of sessions recommended by your doctor. In order to get efficiency from mesotherapy treatment, sessions should be repeated at certain times.

hair mesotherapy

What is included in Hair Mesotherapy?

The ingredients used for hair mesotherapy vary from patient to patient. Vitamins, minerals and other beneficial ingredients are included in the mixture according to the needs of each patient. Between 2 and 6 active ingredients can be mixed in mesotherapy syringes. Some of the ingredients used are as follows:

B group vitamins, Amino acids,

Copper and zinc, Coenzyme,

Hyalunoric acid, Vitamins and essential minerals,

B group vitamins are effective in hair growth and repair. Copper and zinc prevent weaknesses in the hair structure. Hyalunoric acid accelerates hair growth as it is responsible for the nutrition of the bulbs. Amino acids form the foundations of hair and contribute to the formation of keratin fibers in the hair structure. Coenzyme improves the structure of the hair. The growth factors in the ingredient regulate blood flow in the scalp and strengthen the hair follicles. In this sense, your hair looks more voluminous and fuller. To prevent hair loss, the ingredients prepared by health experts will be the most suitable option for you.

What should you pay attention to after hair mesotherapy treatment?

There are some things you should pay attention to after a hair mesotherapy treatment. These can be listed as follows:

  • It is not recommended to wash your hair with balm or shampoo after the procedure. Water and shampoo can damage the treatment result and delay the healing process. In this sense, it is not recommended to wash your hair for a while.
  • After the mesotherapy procedure, you should stay away from sunlight for 2-3 days and protect your scalp,
  • It is not recommended to shower or swim after the procedure. Your scalp should not be wet for the first 10 hours after the procedure.
  • Alcohol consumption is also not recommended by experts as it negatively affects the effectiveness of the procedure.

Hair, beard and eyebrow transplant is performed under the supervision of experienced doctors and hair transplant specialists at Hair Center of Turkey hair transplant. If you are also experiencing hair loss, complaining of sparse or bald scalp, you can apply to our hair transplant service. You can ask any questions about hair transplant in Turkey and hair, eyebrow, beard transplant in our Istanbul hair transplant by calling our consultants at Hair Center of Turkey.


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