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As one of the leading hair transplantation centers in the country, we welcome patients from all over the world to join our list of more than 2000 patients for the last 8 years. In the Hair Center of Turkey, you can reach your dream hair with our expert and professional doctors and staff working in our center so we perform your hair transplantation operations successfully. You can have the desired healthy hair by choosing the operation you want; also, you can regain your lost hair. It is easy to have your bushy, lively and healthy hair like before. We continue to serve our valued patients successfully in the hair transplantation and other fields with our expert team of doctors for years.

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What are

Hair Transplant Stages?

1. Consultation: After the examination, the operation is planned, and the hair line is determined.
2. Preparation: At this stage, the area in which the patient will undergo the operation is sterilized in advance, and the application of anesthesia is also included.
3. Extraction: removal of follicular roots.
4. Opening of the canal: In the area where the transplant will be performed, the canal is opened with the appropriate technique.
5. The transplant procedure: With the appropriate tools, the roots are transplanted into the channels that are already open.
6. Post-operative procedures: As the name says, the dressing and revision are the ones that are performed after the operation.
7. The washing process after the operation: Due to the fact that the area where the operation was performed is very sensitive, great care must be taken and that is why this stage must be performed in the clinic. It should be continued for the next fifteen days.




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Hair Center of Turkey

As one of the leading hair transplant centers in the country, we invite patients from all over the world to join our list of more than 2000 patients for the last 8 years.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it normal to have swelling after Hair Transplant?

Yes it is normal. The swelling will disappear as time passes. In this process, in order to reduce swelling, sleeping by supporting the head and neck region and not tilting the head forward will minimize swelling.

Is there any possibility of hair loss?

Transplanted hair will begin to fall out one week after the transplant, but not to worry. It is necessary because the shed hair will begin to grow again in two to three months.

How long does the Hair Transplant operation take?

Hair transplant operations are directly proportional to the excess of the opening in the area where the person will be transplanted. The more open the area to be transplanted, the longer the operation time. 4 to 8 hours on average.

Under what conditions should Hair Transplant be done?

Hair transplant is a surgical procedure, under the supervision of a doctor and by professional hair transplant specialists. must be carried out. The region to be operated should be fully formed and should be ready for possible complications.

Should medicine be used after Hair Transplant ?

Yes it should be used. Medicines given by the doctor after hair transplant should be used as specified. Antibiotic treatment should be used to prevent infection. Treatment with painkillers and anti-swelling medicine in order to prevent headache should be given.

Will any pain be felt during Hair Transplant operation ?

No. Since the operation is performed with local anesthesia, no pain will be felt. Local only It can be felt for a short time during anesthesia, but painless anesthesia methods are available.

How is the Hair Transplant done for people from abroad?

You can visit our page for detailed information about the hair transplantation process performed within the scope of 3-day treatment.

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