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sac ekimi sonrasi odem2How to Remove Edema After Hair Transplant?

What Causes Edema and Swelling After Hair Transplant?
What to Do to Reduce Edema and Swelling After Hair Transplant

In society, everyone pursues aesthetic concerns in their own way without gender discrimination. They utilise the opportunities available in this field to look more beautiful and feel happier. Hair transplant is also in this category. Hair loss manifests itself primarily due to genetics, but also due to the triggering of other conditions. Medically, it is a dermatological disorder. Today, it is possible to treat it with various methods. One of these methods is hair transplant operation. Hair transplantation treatment is considered as the most definitive and permanent method for people with hair loss. It is the most effective treatment type in regaining natural hair. It gives a younger and aesthetic appearance. Since it is an aesthetic surgery operation, it also brings certain side effects. One of these side effects is undoubtedly edema and swelling. One of the most frequently asked questions about hair transplanta is the best hair transplant centres, Istanbul hair transplant centre, hair transplant prices and how edema passes after hair transplant.

Why does edema and swelling occur after hair transplant?

Regardless of which technique is applied after hair transplant, edema and swelling sometimes occur on the scalp and face. The reason for this is the anaesthetic drug and adrenaline fluids injected into the patient’s scalp to reduce pain during treatment. It is seen in the first few days. It decreases in an average of 3-4 days after the operation. In the next 1 week, it decreases to a great extent with the body’s natural elimination. It is a condition that develops due to the body’s self-defence mechanism during the operation. Although it is perceived as a bad effect, it is actually part of the body’s healing process. There is no prevention method to prevent edema and swelling that may occur after hair transplant operation, that is, to ensure that it does not occur at all. But there are some methods to minimise it.

sac ekimi sonrasi odemThings to do to reduce edema and swelling after hair transplant operation

  • Avoid touching the transplanted recipient area
  • Water consumption allows the fluid in the lymphatic system to be naturally expelled faster. Therefore, drinking plenty of water helps to reduce edema and swelling. In this process, take care to consume 2-3 litres of water a day.
  • You should use a high pillow for a few days after the operation. You should also support the back area while lying with a high pillow.
  • You should get away from the activities you apply in your routine life for a while. If you do regular sports, you should take a break for a while after the operation. Because strenuous sports types cause blood clotting and slow down the healing time. In addition, sweating is one of the factors that increase the risk of infection.
  • Applying a cold compress to the forehead area will help reduce edema and swelling. This application reduces swelling by narrowing the blood vessels around the eye. However, while doing this, the transplanted area should be well protected. Because excessive hot and cold factors damage the recipient area and prevent the grafts from growing as they should.
  • Be careful not to smoke, drink alcohol and use blood thinners before and after the operation. Because their use prolongs the duration of edema and swelling, which are part of the treatment process.

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