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Women Hair Transplant


Women Hair Transplant

Women hair transplant is as common as men hair transplant. Their first choose is to cosmetic serums, shampoos and conditioners.

Cosmetic products do not bring back hair that has been lost from the root. It makes the existing hair thicken or grow. It adds health and nourishement. Before starting a women hair transplant operation, it is necessary to learn the underlying problem.
Hair loss rate is very important. Hair loss of 100-150 strands per day is considered normal by dermatologists. If there is more hair loss than this, the underlying cause should be found.

– Improper nutrition
– Vitamin deficiency
– Genes
– Hormone level in the blood
– Ovarian tumors
– Chemotherapy, radiotherapy
– Thyroid disease
– Old age
– Stress

Due to lack of malnutrition, mineral, vitamin and protein in the body, weakness and loss of strength in hair and nails will begin. Anemia is frequently seen in women due to menstruation. Anemia and iron deficiency also lead to hair loss. Vitamins A, C, D and E are very important requirements for hair health.
The most predominant cause of hair loss in women are hormones. This loss increases twice as much during menopause. DHT hormone causes hair loss. They can be examined by giving routine tests.

Women hair transplant

Points to Consider for Women Hair Transplantation

When your hair starts to fall out, it is recommended to start treatment immediately in order to control to amount of emptiness.

– When the underlying problem is solved, hair transplantation in women also results positively.
Hair loss in women progresses more slowly than in men.
– You should make sure that you choose to visit the right clinic and team.
– The most preferred donor area is the nape of the neck.
– Hair transplantation can be performed on burns and scars if blood circulation is appropriate.
– If diabetes and blood pressure rate are not at risky levels, hair transplantation is applied if it does not trigger the heart of blood pressure patients.
– Patients with HIV, Hepatits B-E can now get hair transplant in Hair Center of Turkey with hygienic precautions.
– Smoking may reduce the result of the procedure. Therefore, the patient is recommended to take a break for a few days.
– The procedure is technically the same for men and women.

Hair transplantation methods for women are technically similar for men. However, there are still certain differences. At this point, the clinic will give you preliminary information.


Types of Hair Loss in Women

There are 3 types of hair loss in women . Our priority is to determine which type. After determining type, we will talk about women hair transplantation.

Type 1; It is almost not visible at all. This hair loss is located at the crown of the head. There is no scalp appearance.

Type 2; Thinning of the hair is noticable. It is clear that the hair has lost density. This stage is the appropriate time for hair transplantation. Both significant hair loss is prevented and results are obtained in a short time.

Type 3; It is the phase with the highest hair loss. The scalp is clearly visible. Hair looks sparse. Hair loses its health and starts to take on a worse appearance without intervention. This is where hair transplantation procedures come into play.

Women hair transplant
Women hair transplant

What is the Procedure for Women Hair Transplantation?

Although there are many different options as hair transplantation methods in women, it can be considered as 2 types. Long hair transplantation and unshaven hair transplantation are some of these types.

In long hair transplants in women; shaving machine is not used. The hair we call donor hair is collected long. These hairs are transplanted long to the area where hair transplantation will be performed. In unshaven hair transplantation; the front, side and upper parts of the hair are not shaved. Only the donor part at the back of the head is shaved. The shaved area is not visible thanks to the hair of people with long hair.

FUE and DHI, Follicular Unit Extraction and Direct Hair Transplantation, hair transplantation in women is performed with two different methods. Between these two methods, the doctor examines and decides according to the hair condition and informs the patient.

– The DHI method may be a little more costly than the FUE technique.

– Shaving is mandatory in FUE method. DHI offers hair transplantation without shaving.

– DHI is used for hair transplantation in small areas, while FUE is used for hair transplantation in large areas.

In unshaven hair transplantation; Since only the back part is shaved, the shaving area is not visible in patients with long hair. In this way, the patient continues his daily life without waiting for his hair to grow.

Is Hair Transplantation Painful?

In general, patients think that they will feel dull aches and pains. The patient is informed about anesthesia and told that he/she will not feel any pain and relaxation is ensured. Before the procedure, the patient is given regional anesthesia, which we call local. During anesthesia, a small pain can be felt on the skin, which is almost nothing that anesthesia can give. Nothing is felt in the area after anesthesia. The patient does not feel any discomfort during the procedure.

The process is painless with painkillers continued at home after the procedure. Local anesthesia is of two types: with and without needle. For patients who have concerns about local anesthesia and therefore avoid hair transplantation, sedation can also be applied. This process is similar to sleep. The patient is not fully asleep but in a dazed state. Thanks to the calming effect, the patient relaxes. Anxiety disappears. For these two anesthesias, the doctor decides according to the patient’s mental state.

Will my hair fall out after transplantation?

The first phase after hair transplantation in women is the shedding phase. Hair loss will occur for a few months after the procedure. This shedding is called shock shedding. Depending on the body level of the person, the time of the shedding rate may vary. It takes 6 months for the new hair to become visible. Permanent results are obtained between 9 and 12 months.

– Hair transplantation reviews in women are 90% positive.

– We should protect our hair from weather conditions after hair transplantation. We should take protective measures against external factors such as rain, sun, wind, dust. Because especially sun rays affect the root and negatively affect hair growth.

– Taking vitamin supplements recommended by your doctor will help your hair to strengthen quickly.

– Spicy foods should be avoided in terms of nutrition after the procedure.

– Sexual intercourse should be suspended for a week.

– Alcohol should be completely discontinued as it may cause conditions such as edema.

– Sea, pool, etc. should be avoided for about one and a half months.

– When you have pain, mild painkillers will relieve your pain immediately.

– Itching and redness may occur after the procedure. We can liken these to wounds on our body. It starts to itch during the healing process. This is a sign of healing just like that.

– Swelling may occur on the head. Cortisone medication or ice applications can be given for these.

– No stitches are applied to your head.

– It is useful to use multivitamin serums.

– It is a lifelong healthy transplant.

– First of all, you should deliver yourself to reliable, experienced and experienced doctors.

You can come to our branches for hair transplantation prices for women and a preliminary scan is applied to your hair. A transplantation plan is created according to your hair loss, age and examinations and a price information is issued. We get 97%-99% permanent results. We are waiting for you by saying the sooner the faster the results.

Hair Transplant Before After

hair transplant before after
Hair Transplant Turkey Before & After
Hair Transplant Turkey Before and After
hair trasnplant before after
Hair Transplant Turkey Before and After

Hair Transplant Before After

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Is hair transplantation a risky procedure?2023-02-09T16:29:34+03:00

If it is done by experts in the field of hair transplantation and in an appropriate clinical environment, it contains minimum risk.

Is there any preventive conditions for hair transplantation?2023-02-09T16:29:52+03:00

Some health cases can prevent the process of hair transplantation. The patient’s past health and used medications should be told as complete to the doctor. In such cases, different treatments may be considered.

Will it be obvious that I had a hair transplant?2023-03-29T16:30:22+03:00

If your transplantation is done as fit on the procedure and a specialist at hair transplantation, the result will extremely be natural.

How Should I Sleep after the hair transplantation?2023-02-09T16:30:21+03:00

You should not lay down on the transplanted area the first week after the transplantation.

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