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Turkey Hair Transplant

What is Hair Transplant?

A Hair Transplant is a permanent and natural micro-surgical procedure applied in hair loss caused by the activity of hormonal, environmental, and genetic factors that directly affect the person. Without harming the health of the donor area(back of the head) and existing hair follicles, the grafts taken by micromotor are transferred to the determined areas by FUE or DHI method. When transplanting the grafts from the donor area(back of the head) to the targetted area, an adaptatıon process takes place. As the grafts need to adjust to the transplanted area. The method applied should be suitable to the patient’s case in order to have successful results. Turkey Hair Transplant can be applied to every person who has sufficient donor area and whose general health condition is favorable. Performed with 3 different procedures, two different methods can also be applied in a single session.

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The procedures to be considered after the decision of the appropriate method in the Hair Transplant operation are communicated to the person before the procedure. The process that starts with the operation continues with dressing and 10-day washing, while the healing accelerates after the scab shedding as of the 10th day, and the adaptation process begins. Although Hair Transplant Turkey is suitable for people over the age of +18, hair loss in the first 1 – 1.5 months after the operation is also subject to the process. While the existing hair in the transferred grafts is shedding and preparing the ground for regeneration, the roots should be supported with vitamins and care supplements such as PRPMesotherapyAGF 39 in this process.

What are Hair Transplant Methods in Turkey?

Hair Transplant Methods in Turkey are methods  designed according to the findings obtained after the analysis. These methods are divided into 3 different procedures. Although Hair Transplant Methods applied in Turkey are preferred depending on the person’s hair lightness, follicle loss, and graft health, the success rate of each result is 100% and permanent. The procedures available in Hair Transplant Methods are as follows:

What is the FUE Method?

FUE is a permanent and natural graft transfer operation with microsurgical methods for hair loss that occurs between the person’s existing hairline and the donor area. The result obtained with the adaptation of the grafts transplanted by opening the channel with the scalp is natural and permanent. FUE is the realization of transplantation through dense channels starting from the hairline drawn in accordance with the muscle structure and facial anatomy after the analysis of the person’s lost hair. In Turkey Hair Transplant, the FUE technique can be applied to every individual who is deemed suitable as a result of general health status, hair loss rate, and +18 years of age.

What is Sapphire FUE Method?

Sapphire FUE is the process of transferring the hair from the donor area with the new hairline obtained considering the hair structure and existing loss of the person and transferring it to the microchannels opened with a sapphire tip. Compared to other methods, Sapphire FUE prevents the usual complications such as scarring and tissue trauma and provides a dense and dense appearance as well as ongoing naturalism. Sapphire FUE, which is the focal point of choice for Turkey Hair Transplant procedures, is a safe and controllable method. Hair Transplant operation in Turkey performed with a natural hairline, the healing is positively affected by the channels opened with the sapphire tip, while the adaptation and adaptation process progresses rapidly.

What is DHI?

DHI is the operation of densifying the partial and permanent hair loss between the hair follicles of the person by transferring the existing hair with grafts taken from the donor area without shaving. With this method, it is ensured to obtain a dense and dense appearance by filling the gaps without damaging the existing hair follicles of the person. In the DHI method performed Turkey Hair Transplant, only the donor area is shaved, while the grafts taken with the use of a micromotor are transferred using a special pen technique. With this pen, transplantation is performed without the need to open a channel in the scalp. Thanks to the DHI method Hair Transplant procedure in Turkey, it is extremely easy, possible, and permanent to get rid of the appearance caused by regional hair loss.

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Who Performs Turkey Hair Transplant?

Hair Transplant in Turkey is performed under standard sterile conditions by specialized nurses under the supervision of competent and experienced doctors. Hair Transplant is carried out in accordance with the methods in accordance with the Ministry of Health guidelines, as a result of personalized materials and procedures.

Who is Suitable for Hair Transplant?

Hair Transplant can be performed by nurses experienced in the field of Turkey Hair Transplant under the supervision of specialist doctors for people who have sufficient donor area to perform the operation, who are over the age of +18, and whose general health status does not constitute any obstacle for the procedure. For people with chronic or psychological disorders, a decision on the suitability of the operation can be taken after the approval council to be held between the clinic physician and the person’s follow-up doctor in line with the answers received through online consultation.

Can Hair be Colored After Hair Transplant?

After the hair transplant operation, a minimum of 3 months should be waited to perform the hair dyeing method. During this period, hair coloring can be performed in consultation with the clinic doctor after the transferred grafts, existing hair follicles, scalp, and follicles heal and recover. In order to get healthy results and a professional appearance in Hair Transplant Turkey, you should not act without consulting an online consultant or a clinic doctor. Otherwise, negative results may be possible with wrong timing and wrong application.

What is Donor Area in Hair Transplant?

A Hair Transplant is the transfer of grafts taken from the donor area with the method and technique preferred in accordance with the hair loss condition of the hair follicles that the person has lost due to hereditary or environmental factors. The donor area is the nape of the neck, which is not affected by hormonal spillage and is deemed appropriate to be taken during the operation. The adequacy of the donor area, the suitability of the operation and the method to be applied are decided as a result of the visuals obtained as a result of the analysis performed online or face-to-face consultation before the Hair Transplant in Turkey.

What is Online Consultation in Hair Transplant?

In a hair transplant, consultation is required to make suggestions and analyses depending on the person’s suitability for the operation and the method of transplantation to be performed. With the developing technology in recent years, this service is performed online. Online consultation before the hair transplant operation in Istanbul eliminates the person’s worries, unanswered questions, and concerns about the procedure. With the Online Consultation to be carried out by phone or via social media, the suitability of the person, the recommended Hair Transplantation method in Turkey, the appointment and the things to be considered before the operation are conveyed.

What are the Usual Complications and Conditions After a Hair Transplant?

Hair Transplant operation is a microsurgical method. As there may be complications in every surgical operation, complications may be encountered in Hair Transplant in Istanbul. Although these complications are temporary, the usual situations that may be encountered are supervised by the clinic doctor. Among the usual complications and conditions that may occur after the Hair Transplant procedure;

  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Pain
  • Edema
  • Bleeding
  • Itching

There are reactions that disappear spontaneously over time. Sterility during or after the Turkey Hair Transplant eliminates potential complications.

WHhat are the Things to Consider After Hair Transplant?

After the hair transplant operation, there are some methods to be considered in order to achieve a successful result and a satisfaction-oriented appearance. These methods directly affect the healing, repair, and result stages of hair follicles and grafts. As long as the procedures and situations communicated by the clinic doctor or online consultant are paid attention to after the Turkey Hair Transplant, the process is uncomplicated and the result obtained is successful and permanent. The points to be considered after the hair transplant operation are as follows:
The clinic doctor should be consulted before starting blood thinners, multivitamins, and chronic medications.
The head should be kept upright, in an upright position, without pressure on the grafts.
Scissors should be preferred for shaving and the shaving machine should not be used for a minimum of 6 months.
The operation area should not be touched in terms of folliculitis infection.
Do not swim in the sea and pool for a minimum of 1 month and avoid activities such as exercise and sports.
Avoid sunlight, solarium, Turkish bath, and sauna for a minimum of 3 months.
Sexual intercourse should be avoided for the first 15 days after Hair Transplant Turkey.
Smoking, alcohol, and hookah should not be used for a minimum of 1 week.

Is Hair Transplant a Painful Operation?

During the hair transplant operation, Local Anesthesia supported by Needle-Free Anesthesia is applied regardless of FUE, Sapphire FUE, or DHI method. As a result of the scalp numbing with high pressure and injected anesthetic agents, no pain is felt during and after the procedure.  When Hair Transplants are applied at the right clinic, the method suitable for the person, and the procedures performed according to the directives of the Ministry of Health, the person will have a successful and comfortable process without pain, pain, and anxiety.

What to Know Before Hair Transplant?

The methods to be considered before hair transplant are linked to the post-operative result. These procedures prepare the ground for positive progress in the healing and repair process together with the transfer of hair follicles. The items to be considered before and after Hair Transplant, which is communicated to you by the clinic you prefer in Hair Transplant operations, are required only to ensure success during the procedure without affecting the daily life of the person. The person should definitely inform the clinic physician before the operation about the chronic medications and ongoing treatments. The conditions that should be known before Hair Transplant are as follows:

  • Smoking, alcohol, hookah, herbal teas such as green tea, etc. should be stopped at least 1 week before the operation.
  • Consumption of coffee, energy drinks, and products containing caffeine should be stopped at least 1 day before the operation.
  • Easy-to-wear clothes such as shirts or cardigans with zippers should be worn when coming to the operation.
  • Breakfast should be eaten, and if sedation anesthesia is to be applied, you should fast on the recommendation of the clinic doctor and the necessary procedures should be fulfilled.
  • Showers should be taken, and styling products such as gel, fixing spray, etc. should not be used. Shaving is performed in the clinic before the operation.

What are the Necessary Vitamins for Post-Hair Transplant Care?

In the post-hair transplant care process, there are vitamins that should be supplemented in order to minimize hair loss by strengthening both the transferred grafts and the existing hair follicles of the person. Apart from PRP and Mesotherapy treatments that can be started 1 month after the Hair Transplant operation in Istanbul, there are oral supplements that can be used immediately after the procedure. The vitamins required for post-hair transplant care and their benefits can be listed as follows:

  • Niacin – Essential for Vitality
  • Vitamin C – Essential for Growth
  • Iron – Essential for Strength
  • B12 – Essential for Production
  • B71 – Required for Repair
  • Folic Acid – Essential for Bulking
  • Omega3 – Essential for Shine
  • Vitamin A – Essential for Development
  • Vitamin E – Essential for Antioxidants

It is possible to have extra healthy and strong hair thanks to vitamin supplements taken orally or by the direct application after Hair Transplant. Under the follow-up of the clinic doctor, it is possible to recommend and apply the appropriate supplement method for the person, taking into account the recommendations and analysis results.

Is Anesthesia Applied in Hair Transplant?

Anesthesia applied during the hair transplant operation is the procedure of numbing the area by organizing the induction agents applied with the appropriate dose and method in order to ensure that the person does not feel pain, pain, and anxiety during the extraction and transfer process. This application is performed by specialized nurses under the supervision of the clinic doctor and loses its effect by being removed from the body within 24 – 48 hours, although it varies from person to person. Anesthetic agents applied during Istanbul Hair Transplant are risk-free and are injected directly into the operation area. With the Needleless Anesthesia method applied before Local Anesthesia, pain sensation is kept to a minimum, and comfort is provided during the operation. During the Hair Transplant operation in Istanbul, the Sedation method is also used upon the request of the person in order to prevent anxiety and anxiety. Anesthetic induction methods applied during hair transplant operation are as follows:

Needleless Anesthesia: It is a method that prepares the ground for the local anesthesia process by numbing the lower layers of the skin with high-pressure reaction, and minimizing and eliminating pain and pain with the transmitted anesthetic agent.

Local Anesthesia: It is the process of localizing and numbing the anxiety and pain caused by the transmission of nerve reflexes through micro-needles with the appropriate dose amount for the person and the operation area.

Sedation: It is an anesthetic application that eliminates the anxiety and pain reactions of the person by controlling the reflex movements by intravenous infusion of vials containing sedatives and painkillers through intravenous infusion. Before this application, the medical anamnesis information of the person is important and is performed by the anesthesiologist.

Anesthetic induction agents applied during Turkey Hair Transplant may cause reactions and complications by varying on the person. Complicated conditions that may develop with the anesthetic method applied during the hair transplant operation are as follows:

  • Heart rhythm and function disorders
  • Transient loss of consciousness
  • Headache or dizziness
  • Hypotension
  • Vomiting
  • Speech difficulties and lethargy

Although these conditions and reactions are temporary, they are risk-free reactions that can be intervened. In the Online Consultation before the decision of Turkey Hair Transplant, the correct medical history and information transfer of the person also affects the anesthetic method and process to be applied.

Can Hair Transplant Operation be Applied to Women?

Hair Transplant operation can be applied to every individual regardless of gender with appropriate technical methods depending on the distribution and intensity of hair loss. The DHI method, which makes it possible to fill the existing gaps without shaving, is one of the most preferred techniques for women in Turkey Hair Transplant. While the appropriate method is determined with the analysis findings obtained after Online Consultation, FUE, and Sapphire FUE techniques can also be applied considering the rate and size of hair loss. Successful results will be achieved in comfort by eliminating pain and anxiety in Turkey Hair Transplant operations performed with Needleless Anesthesia and Local Anesthesia. Since the shaved donor area is camouflaged with the existing hair, there is no appearance that will affect the quality of the social life of women. Perfectionist results are achieved with the right clinic and appropriate technique.

What is the Process After Hair Transplant?

The success story that started with the Hair Transplant operation continues to improve rapidly after the 10-day washing method. With the shock shedding effect experienced within 1 to 3 months after Turkey Hair Transplant, it is expected that the usual hair follicles in the transferred grafts will fall out. While the shed hair follicles revise and renew themselves within 4 to 6 months, they prepare the ground for healthy and permanent hair follicles. During the Turkey Hair Transplant, temporary complications such as itching, redness, acne, and warts on the scalp are possible. After the adaptation process of the grafts with the scalp, these conditions disappear, the nape of the neck is restored without harming its health, and within 1 year after the 6th month, the person regains the appearance he dreamed of before the operation.

The most important thing to be considered in all these processes is that the person must strictly follow the briefing methods communicated and shown to him/her by the center where the operation is performed. Hair Transplantation is a microsurgical operation, like all other surgical operations, the conditions to be considered before and after Hair Transplant Turkey are matched with the result that the person will receive. When the procedures that should be known before and after the Hair Transplant operation are taken into consideration, success and satisfaction with the result are inevitable. As of the 1st month after the procedure, the vitamins required for the healthy development of hair clusters should be supplemented by oral or direct application methods.

Vitamins such as B12, A, B71, C, E, Omega 3, Niacin, Iron, and Folic Acid are among the supplements recommended to be taken every 6 months in total, starting from the 1st month after the Hair Transplant operation in Istanbul. These vitamins can be taken orally as well as through PRP and Mesotherapy treatment performed by the clinic. With the PRP and Mesotherapy methods to be performed after Hair Transplant in Turkey, the existing hair loss of the person is minimized, while the existing hair follicles or hair follicles that regenerate with graft transfer are expected to be healthy and natural.

  • PRP: It is the separation of venous blood tissue taken from the person from plasma rich in platelet cell tissues by centrifugation method and injected into the scalp. While it provides wound healing by realizing clot formation, it prepares the ground for the repair of the damage caused by hormonal or environmental factors in the application area. PRP applied after a Hair Transplant in Turkey minimizes the rate of hair loss by strengthening the hair follicles. The method recommended by experts is 6 sessions.
  • Mesotherapy, which is preferred in migraine and varicose veins treatments in medicine, is nowadays used as a preferred application method in the aesthetic field, considering its effective factors in renewal and rejuvenation. After the Hair Transplant operation in Turkey, cocktail vials rich in vitamins, amino acids, nucleotides, peptides, and antioxidant agents are applied to the scalp to activate growth cells and strengthen hair follicles. Six sessions of treatment are recommended starting 1 month after the Turkey Hair Transplant by the clinic doctors who are competent in their field.

How is a Hair Transplant Operation Performed?

The hair transplant operation process starts with the laboratory analysis process of the blood tubes taken from the person. Among the tests performed at this stage,

  • HIV+
  • Hepatitis C+
  • Hepatitis B+

is available. With the test results, the person is taken to the studio for shaving, a photoshoot, and hair drawing. Depending on the facial anatomy, the most appropriate, natural, and optional flat-oval-temple drawing is performed. In these drawings, the zig-zag method is used to give naturalness to the hairline. With the end of the processes before Turkey Hair Transplant, the operation is started. Firstly, the scalp is numbed with the high pressure under the skin provided by the Needle-Free Anesthesia device, while the pain and anxiety of the needle are minimized in the procedure that continues with local anesthesia. The operation is started after the local anesthesia application numbs the intake and transfer area. Turkey Hair Transplant, the grafts taken from the donor area with steel-tipped punches are kept in a special solution for transfer. Regardless of FUE, Sapphire FUE, and DHI methods, the harvesting process is the same in all 3 methods and the donor area is also common.

In the FUE operation, the channels required for transfer are opened with the help of steel blades, while in the Sapphire FUE technique, aluminum alloy sapphire blades are used during channel opening. In the DHI method, transplantation is performed with the help of a specially developed medical pen called Choi Pen without opening channels, independent of the other two procedures. Turkey Hair Transplant operation takes between 6 to 8 hours depending on the graft number density and the distribution of hair loss. A hair Transplantation operation is a microsurgical operation that should be performed with care and attention and should be performed by specialized nurses under the supervision of competent clinic doctors. At the end of the operation, the person starts the dressing and washing process. The person who decides on an Istanbul Hair Transplant operation, regardless of the city or abroad, it is sufficient to provide 4 days of accommodation. The stages in the process that starts with the operation are as follows:

  • DAY 1: Laboratory Tests, Photography, Hair Drawing, and Operation
  • DAY 2: Dressing and Donor Care
  • DAY 3: First Wash and Washing Instruction Demonstration

When the person returns to the country or city where he/she lives, he/she should wash with the method described for 10 days, including the first wash. As of the 10th day, he/she should take care to be careful and patient while performing scab removal with the sample video sent to him/her. While the healing continues rapidly with the scab shedding process applied according to the procedure after Hair Transplant Turkey, shock shedding occurs within 1 to 3 months. As of the 4th month, the graft follicles start to show themselves and reach a perfect and successful appearance within 1 year.

What is Choi Pen in Hair Transplant?

Choi Pen is the most important technical material of the DHI method. DHI, which is one of the hair transplantation methods, is assisted by Choi Kalem while performing the process of tightening the hair follicles that have experienced partial loss. In the DHI method, which is among the Turkey Hair Transplant, the procedure is performed by shaving only the donor area without touching all the hair follicles of the person, the grafts, which are sterilized in isotonic or hyposol liquid agents by means of a micro motor, are transplanted with Choi pen between the detected gaps without damaging the existing hair follicles.

Although Choi Pen is disposable for each person, an average of 4 to 10 pieces are used in the procedure, while the number of choi tips reaches 20. The tips of the Choi Pen used during the Hair Transplant in Turkey can be used in different sizes, taking into account the graft thickness, depth, and structure obtained as a result of the hair analysis of the person. In the DHI technique performed with Choi Pen, transplantation should be performed at a 45-degree angle, paying attention to the direction and center of gravity of the existing hair follicles.

Hair Transplant Cost Turkey?

A Hair Transplant is a qualified aesthetic microsurgical operation that directly affects the appearance of the person. In case of hair loss caused by genetic and environmental conditions, Hair Transplant is a miraculous result both physically and mentally when it is performed under the supervision of experienced clinic doctors and with the help of competent and success-oriented nurses. Before deciding on a Hair Transplant operation in Turkey, the appropriate application method can be determined with Online Consultation and Consultancy, while result follow-up and process analysis can also be performed.

A Hair Transplant can be applied to every individual who has sufficient donor area for the operation, has reached the age of +18, and whose general health condition is suitable for the procedure and technical procedures. In operations performed without needles and with the help of local anesthesia without pain and ache, it is also possible to apply sedation upon the request of the person. One of the most important methods in Hair Transplant Turkey is the sterile environment and the quality of the materials used. The importance given to sterility during the operation also affects the postoperative complications and the success it brings with it.

For this reason, the recommended method, the hygiene of the environment, and the doctor-consultant-patient communication are important in the selection of the center. Since this method, which is known to be permanent, will keep the person in the appearance qualities they want to be for a lifetime, the hairline should be determined according to their own wishes and desires. Although Hair Transplant is the most important part of appearance, it also plays an important role in restoring the lack of self-confidence lost with hair loss.

Before deciding on Turkey Hair Transplant, the person’s wishes, and qualifications should be reviewed, the past references and results of the center should be taken into consideration, and the questions and issues that are curious should be answered with an online or face-to-face consultation. If the person ranks the decision qualities according to their importance, regardless of the price, the perfect result is possible and inevitable. Otherwise, if a price-oriented approach is provided and other methods are not considered, the situations encountered are permanent and irreparable. Turkey Hair Transplant price policy varies depending on the application method, technique combination, session, and process, but it varies between $3,000 to $4,500 in Turkey and between $4500 to $7500 in continents such as America, Africa, Asia, and Europe.

What is the Difference Between FUE, Sapphire FUE, and DHI in Hair Transplant?

There are 3 different methods of hair transplant. These methods are FUE, Sapphire FUE, and DHI, but each method has its own special differences. Turkey Hair Transplant, which technique is suitable for the person is decided by considering the Online Consultation and analysis process. The different procedure items between FUE, Sapphire FUE, and DHI in Hair Transplantation are as follows:

While 3500 – 4000 grafts can be obtained in the DHI method, this number knows no limit in FUE operation.
While the DHI method fills the gaps between existing hair clusters due to hair loss, the FUE technique addresses a wider area and is preferred in areas where there are no existing hair follicles. While only the donor area is shaved in the DHI method, the entire hair is cut in the FUE technique.
Recovery in the DHI method is faster and easier than the FUE technique.

As a result of the characteristics of the materials used in the DHI method, it is more costly than the FUE technique.
While the grafts taken in the DHI method are transplanted with a medical pen called choi, in the FUE technique, graft transfer is performed using punch needles into the channels opened with blades. In the DHI method, the operation time cannot be finalized depending on the number of grafts, while in the FUE technique, this time is 6 to 8 hours on average. The channels opened with blades in the FUE technique are opened with aluminum alloy sapphire tips in the SAPPHIRE FUE technique. Regardless of the technique of Turkey Hair Transplant operation, the harvesting method provided by the micromotor is the same.

The follicles are kept in hyposol and isotonic liquids, the hair follicles, which are exhaled within 2 hours at room temperature, maintain their effectiveness for 6 to 7 hours in special liquid agents. In the hair transplantation operation process, person and material sterility is as important as the liquid, temperature, and holding time of the area and agent where the grafts are kept. Before deciding on the operation, the person should definitely get information about the operation process in the Online Consultation and Counseling.

With the right center and technique, the operation procedures are ordinary and satisfaction-oriented without any anxiety. The first choice should always be clinical reliability and patient before-after references. While only a price-oriented approach without considering all methods and processes leads to the worst possible results, ignored situations can reveal infected findings that can directly affect the general health of the person. In Istanbul Hair Transplant operation, the appropriate technique and the right clinic should come before all other items. Regardless of the method differences, the situation that emerges in approaches with the appropriate technique and method is an inevitable whole where satisfaction-oriented and successful results are born.

How to Choose a Clinic for Hair Transplant?

The most important method when deciding on a hair transplant operation is to work with a center where the person gets answers to the questions in his/her mind. In these priorities, which can be listed in many items from the appropriate method to the theoretical process, from anesthesia application to hair drawing, the person’s request should be prioritized and the operation follow-up process should be carried out day by day. There are important issues to be considered before and after the Turkey Hair Transplant.

The methods that are taken care of before and after the operation are directly related to the result, resulting in good or bad results. For this reason, after the operation decision, the list sent by Online Consultancy should be paid attention to, and the questions and situations that come to mind should be transferred to the other party. Another important method of Turkey Hair Transplant is the sterilization of the clinic and the special materials used. Each material used during the procedure is personalized, and disposable and should be stored and sterilized with special conditions and agents. In order to prevent infection and prevent possible complications, hygiene should be emphasized and personal health should always be prioritized during the operation.

The success achieved in clinics designed in accordance with the directive of the Ministry of Health and continued as a course of procedure satisfies the clinic as well as the person. For this reason, attention, sterility, answered questions and especially patient references from past periods are of great importance when making decisions. Istanbul Hair Transplantation operation can be performed in individuals over the age of +18, if the donor area and general health condition are suitable, regardless of the method, by analyzing the rate of hair loss and the suitability of the technical method. Turkey Hair Transplant, clinics experienced in the field of patient references, clinical institutionalism, center sterilization, operation methods, professional staff, style, and approach to the person should be preferred after Online Consultation provided with the developing technology today, the person should convey his / her own opinion and the appearance he/she wants to achieve, and the operation process should be designed according to the person. The person can perform the operation in comfort and comfort in clinics that approach their own ideas and questions with importance.

Hair Transplant Before After

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Hair Transplant Turkey Before & After
Hair Transplant Turkey Before and After
hair trasnplant before after
Hair Transplant Turkey Before and After

Hair Transplant Before After

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Is hair transplantation a risky procedure?2023-02-09T16:29:34+03:00

If it is done by experts in the field of hair transplantation and in an appropriate clinical environment, it contains minimum risk.

Is there any preventive conditions for hair transplantation?2023-02-09T16:29:52+03:00

Some health cases can prevent the process of hair transplantation. The patient’s past health and used medications should be told as complete to the doctor. In such cases, different treatments may be considered.

Will it be obvious that I had a hair transplant?2023-03-29T16:30:22+03:00

If your transplantation is done as fit on the procedure and a specialist at hair transplantation, the result will extremely be natural.

How Should I Sleep after the hair transplantation?2023-02-09T16:30:21+03:00

You should not lay down on the transplanted area the first week after the transplantation.

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