Things To Do After Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation is a form of treatment that we resort to as a result of hair loss and baldness. It is a fact that we will encounter various situations during the recovery process after the treatment. After deciding on the treatment, it is imperative that we have a prior knowledge of these situations that we will encounter after the treatment. Because there are issues that we need to be careful at least after the treatment. Let’s take a look at what is the post-hair transplant process.

How Long Does the Recovery Process Take?

It is necessary to examine this treatment as a whole before and after it. As a result of the operation, the process of redness and crusting in the area where the treatment is applied, then the shedding of the crust and then the shock loss of the transplanted hair begins. This whole process is a normal process. The initiation and completion of the treatment, that is, the process of achieving healthy hair, takes 1 year.

Redness and crusting

The method applied during the hair transplant operation starts with the removal of the hair follicles taken from the nape area one by one and then placed in the target area. During this procedure, redness is seen in all these areas. After the redness, a crusting process begins. You will see that these crusts fall off within 15 days.

Hair Loss Process

After 1 to 3 months after the treatment, the process called shock shedding begins. This is perfectly normal. Because the process of the transplanted hair follicles on the skin has begun. This means that new hair formation has started. The transplanted hair is damaged, but the hair follicles are now under the skin.

Things to Consider After Hair Transplant

There are some important details that should be considered after hair transplantation. If you pay attention to these details, you will be able to achieve successful results. Some of these details given after hair transplantation are as follows. You should stay away from the activities listed below for up to 3 days.

1. You should avoid heavy work.

2. You should stay away from stress.

3. You should not drink cigarettes, alcohol, tea or coffee.

4. You should not wash their hair during this period.

5. You should not go out in the sun.Within 15 Days

1. You should not go into the pool or the sea to avoid infection.

2. You must take a shower with warm water.

3. You should protect the treated area from sun and rain.

How Should Nutrition After Hair Transplantation Be?

The more important the beginning and treatment of hair transplantation, the more important the nutrition to be applied after. We should supplement our dietary habits with vitamins. These vitamins are:

1. Foods containing zinc. (red meat, white, nuts and beans)

2. Foods with B vitamins. (Green leafed plants, fish)

3. Foods containing iron (liver, legumes, eggs)

4. Vitamin E foods (peanuts, spinach, zucchini)

5. Foods containing vitamin C (orange, tangerine, kiwi)

6. Foods containing vitamin A (broccoli, carrots, cabbage)

If there is a food that you may be allergic to or that you cannot take because of any illness, you should definitely consult your doctor about it. In addition, you should know that these foods and your eating habits after hair transplantation will accelerate the healing process.

Hair Transplant Before After

hair transplant before after
Hair Transplant Turkey Before & After
Hair Transplant Turkey Before and After
hair trasnplant before after
Hair Transplant Turkey Before and After

Hair Transplant Before After

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Is hair transplantation a risky procedure?2023-02-09T16:29:34+03:00

If it is done by experts in the field of hair transplantation and in an appropriate clinical environment, it contains minimum risk.

Is there any preventive conditions for hair transplantation?2023-02-09T16:29:52+03:00

Some health cases can prevent the process of hair transplantation. The patient’s past health and used medications should be told as complete to the doctor. In such cases, different treatments may be considered.

Will it be obvious that I had a hair transplant?2023-03-29T16:30:22+03:00

If your transplantation is done as fit on the procedure and a specialist at hair transplantation, the result will extremely be natural.

How Should I Sleep after the hair transplantation?2023-02-09T16:30:21+03:00

You should not lay down on the transplanted area the first week after the transplantation.

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