The Operation Process Of Hair Transplant

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  • The first day you arrive and we pick you up from the airport then take you to the hotel for the registration where you will rest until tomorrow. In the morning you will have breakfast in the hotel then our driver picks you up to our clinic. 
  • In the clinic you will meet with the doctors to make your hair line and define how many grafts you need and how much they can take exactly. The payment will be cash on the day of the operation as well. 
  • We take your pictures for the before and after analysis, shave your head to 1 then take your blood for the analysis and the PRP treatment later in the operation. 
  • The operation starts with the local anaesthesia by the doctors then taking the grafts. You will have a short stop for lunch and some rest then we continue by opening the channels and the transplant. 
  • After the operation we will explain to you the medicines you will take for the next 4 days and make an appointment for the cleaning the next day. 
  • The driver will take you to the hotel for some rest and will pick you up the following day to the clinic for the cleaning.  
  • The medical dressing/ cleaning takes only about 10mn then we drive you back to the hotel after taking an appointment for the washing and when you will take your flight back home. 
  • For the washing our driver will pick you up at a time you have chosen to the clinic. The washing is the final process and the most important for we will show you how you will do it for the next 10 days with the spray and shampoo we gave you. 
  • If you are leaving on the same day of the washing we will take you to the airport. If you want to change the hotel we will take you to it and bring you every day for the washing as long as you are in Istanbul until the time of your flight and we will take you to the airport on time.