In order to have hair transplantation, to treat hair loss and to regain your hair permanently, you must follow the instructions of your doctor after surgery.One of the most important things after the surgery is to protect your scalp from the sun until the transplanted area is completely healed.

Why Does the Sun Damage Healing After Hair Transplantation?

Due to the procedures and cuts on the scalp, it needs time to heal. Since deformation and burns may occur on your scalp under direct sunlight, it slows down the healing process and scars may remain.

Can we have a hair transplant in the summer?

As long as you protect the area where the hair is transplanted, you can have a hair transplant at any time. As Hair Center Of Turkey, our team will provide protection against all external factors with VIP service to our patients and support you in every way so that the hair transplant phase continues with excellent results.

Hair Center Of Turkey V.I.P Hair Transplant

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