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fue hair transplant
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Hair transplantation is among the most frequently used treatment methods in recent years. The reason why it is used most often is that hair transplantation has turned into a very developed treatment method in Turkey. Hair transplantation has been the best alternative for anyone who suffers from hair loss. Since a permanent and definite result is obtained in this process, the number of people who have hair transplantation operation has started to reach more and more numbers day by day and continues to increase. 

Why Does Hair Loss Occur? 

One of the most important causes of hair loss is the nature of genetic coding, but this problem may also occur as a result of advancing age, injuries due to trauma or different medical diseases. With the control of a specialist doctor, the hair transplant operation can be successfully applied to all people who have sufficient hair follicles in the donor area since the diagnosis is made. Hair transplantation treatment can be successfully applied not only on the scalp, but also on the eyebrows, mustaches or beards, in short, for the existing losses in all areas with hair on the body. 

The Process of Hair Transplant Method 

Saç ekimi yöntemi, saç dökülmesine karşı çok daha dirençli olan vücut bölgelerinden alınan saç köklerinin, saç dökülmesinin yoğun bir ivme kazandığı bölgelere nakledilmesi işlemidir. Sağlıklı saç kökleri mikro cerrahi denilen yöntemle gerçekleştirilir. Kısaca kişinin sağlıklı saç kökleri, saç köklerinin artık aktif olamayacağı noktalara nakledilir.

Saç Ekimi Sonrası Önemli Süreçler 

Saç ekimi operasyonundan sonraki ilk hafta bölgede kızarıklık ve kabuklanma meydana gelir. Bu kızarıklık zamanla düzelecektir. Bu işlem sırasında saçı yıkarken dökülebilecek saç telleri veya doku parçaları oluşabilir. Bu durum normal bir süreçtir. Dökülen yapılar kıl kökü oluşturmaz, kıl kökleri derinin alt kısmında yer aldığı için epitel dokuları oluştururlar. Bu sebeple dökülme yapmaz. Saç ekiminden sonraki ilk 1 ayda saç ekimi operasyonu neredeyse farkedilmez hale gelir. Kişiler tüm sosyal aktivitelerine dönebilir ve sağlıklarına kavuşabilirler. 

 The most important point that should not be forgotten in this process is that the transplanted area should be protected against impacts. Six months after the hair transplant operation, it is seen that the hair growth processes are completed by 55% to 60%. A beautiful image emerges. During this period, hair growth will continue. Hair will become much thicker. People can return to their social activities with peace of mind. 

Processes After Hair Transplantation 

Hair loss is one of the most common problems today. Hair loss 

It has many reasons and its treatment is possible with hair transplant method. Especially recently hair 

Cultivation Turkey operations are well developed. Therefore, the number of people who have hair transplantation in Turkey 

started to increase day by day. 

Treatment methods and scope recommended for hair loss according to different needs of people 

It may differ. Hair transplantation as a treatment method offered as a solution to hair loss 

method, hair follicles on the nape or any part of the body, aperture or 

It is carried out in the form of transplantation to the areas where the sparseness has occurred. In sterile conditions, in the field 

In this procedure performed by experts in the operating room environment, usually the crown or forehead 

local anesthesia of existing hair follicles in areas with much stronger openings in the area 

It is treated by taking it one by one and planting it in the required parts after it is made with the method. 

Process After Hair Transplant 

Hair transplantation is not a painful process and will depend on the size of the areas to be transplanted. 

it may take approximately four or six hours. Performing the applied method correctly, 

The newly transplanted hair can easily adapt to the scalp and in a healthier way. 

It is very important in terms of growth. After the operation, people at home for a few days. 

It is recommended that they rest and not go out. Hair after a few weeks from the hair transplant 

It will shed, but the hair follicles will remain completely in place. After this lost hair, 

New hair will grow out of the hair follicles placed on the skin in a healthy way. 

Things to Consider After Hair Transplant Operation 

The process behind hair transplantation is a process that requires the intense attention of patients. 

There are a few points that patients should pay attention to: 

After the hair transplant operation, alcohol, smoking and caffeine consumption should be avoided. 

This is because these substances slow down the healing process negatively. 

Drugs and similar substances that can slow the coagulation process of the blood should not be used. 

Spray, gel and similar hair conditioners that can be applied to the hair should not be used. 

After the hair transplant procedure, pay attention to the area where the transplantation was made, especially while lying down. 

must be. Therefore, it is recommended to sleep on your back. 

Although the important level has come to an end on the fourth and fifteenth days after the hair transplant procedure 

enfeksiyon riski hala devam etmektedir. Terli aktivitelerden ve ağır sporlardan kaçınmak gerekir. 

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