Hair transplantation 

Hair transplantation in Turkey today is known as the most applied aesthetic surgery for men and women worldwide. Many people from abroad come to Turkey to make this operation. In the Hair Center of Turkey, we perform hair transplantation operations to people from many parts of the world with more than 8 years of experience and over the 2,000 patients.   What is

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What is Hair Transplantation?

What is hair transplantation? Hair transplantation is now one of the most preferred processes in our country. Every day, methods evolve that can solve people’s problem. One technique that has been developed based on what people are looking for is hair transplantation.  Thanks to the hair transplantation, people can live the image they desire for life.

Hair Transplant 3 Month Results

The process after hair transplantation is very important. In this period, we will provide with guidance on everything from food, drinks and sports to how you are going to shower and wash your head. Hair transplantation is a process that will show improvements with a period of 3 to 6 months then 1 year. The time and how

The first day you arrive and we pick you up from the airport then take you to the hotel for the registration where you will rest until tomorrow. In the morning you will have breakfast in the hotel then our driver picks you up to our clinic.  In the clinic you will meet with the doctors to

BEFORE YOU COME TO OUR CENTER  We will arrange everything for you here. You do not have to pay extra expenses for anything unlike other hair transplant clinics.    If you are drinking alcohol, you must not drink 3-4 days before the operation because alcohol dilutes the blood.  If there are any medicines that you usually take please let our

FUE Hair transplantation

About FUE Hair Transplantation  FUE hair transplantation method is the most preferred and highly effective hair transplantation method in recent years. This method has changed the life of people and has provided highly effective changes, also, on their appearance as well. The most important thing to know about this method is that it is extremely comfortable and

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