FUE Hair Transplant in Turkey

FUE hair transplant in Turkey is not different from the methods in other countries. In the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method, hair follicles are extracted one by one with special tipped micro motors by applying sedation. After the extraction process is completed, the hair follicles are placed according to the natural growth angle and direction of the hair.
FUE hair transplant in Turkey has become a medical tourism center for those looking for an effective solution. This fascinating country is full of many centers and doctors specializing in FUE hair transplants. FUE hair transplant in Turkey has many advantages as well as differences compared to other countries.

Turkey, which has the latest technology equipment, aims to find a permanent solution for patients with hair loss. The operations carried out by expert teams in the field increase reliability. FUE hair transplant in Turkey, which attracts attention with its multi-optional packages, quality, and comfort, is performed at a more affordable budget compared to European and American countries.
Hair transplant centers in Turkey, which do not want to cause any misunderstanding in the face of the language barrier that patients from different countries may experience, take every precaution.
In Turkey, the FUE hair transplant technique is applied with more than one method. Some of the methods are as follows:

  • Micro FUE Hair Transplant: Micro FUE hair transplant is a method in which hair follicles are extracted using equipment with special micro-tips. These micro-tips drill holes with a diameter of 0.6-0.9 mm and remove the hair follicles and surrounding tissues. This technique is used to perform the hair transplantation process precisely and effectively.
  • Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant: Sapphire FUE hair transplant is a method in which the tips used are made of sapphire, unlike other FUE techniques. Sapphire tips are preferred because they are more effective and cause less skin irritation during the process of opening microchambers. This method is ideal for those who want to achieve more natural results.
  • Soft FUE Hair Transplant: Soft FUE hair transplant is a hair transplant operation technique performed using sedation-oriented drugs. This anesthesia method allows the patient to undergo the operation unconsciously without feeling pain or suffering. In this way, patients have a relaxed and comfortable experience during the hair transplant procedure.

FUE hair transplant techniques with different features are determined according to the needs and preferences of patients. Each technique has special advantages and offers more options to people who want to solve the problem of hair loss.
As a result, FUE hair transplant in Turkey is one of the most ideal options with its options and success rate.

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FUE Hair Transplant in Istanbul

FUE hair transplant in Istanbul is an excellent option for those looking for an effective solution to their hair loss problems. Hair transplant centers in this fascinating city offer high standards of reliability and quality. The attraction of medical tourism, Istanbul attracts attention with its affordable cost of hair transplant and highly specialized teams.

Patients who want to have FUE hair transplants in Istanbul can benefit from the privileges of personalized packages. From VIP service to accommodation in a five-star hotel, the prices of the packages with a wide range of privileges are more attractive than in America and European countries.

With the increasing demand, FUE hair transplant expertise in Istanbul is increasing day by day. With many hair transplant centers and surgeons, Istanbul, which has increased its success rate to 99 percent as a result of transplant, has modern equipment. Operations performed in hygienic environments eliminate the patient’s possible doubts.

The technique to be applied is decided according to the analyses made on the patients. Therefore, a patient who decides to have an FUE hair transplant in Istanbul benefits from many advantages provided by the city. Some of these advantages are as follows:

  • Leaves No Scars: Since no cutting or drilling is performed during the FUE hair transplant, there are no scars on the skin after the procedure. This allows patients to achieve natural and scar-free results.
  • Diversity of Donor Hair: Donor hair taken from the nape of the neck can also be used in areas such as eyebrows, mustache and beard if needed. This gives patients more aesthetic options.
  • Painless and Painless: The FUE hair transplant procedure is painless and painless, which allows patients to have a comfortable experience.
  • Fast Recovery: The FUE technique ensures that the recovery time is shorter and smoother than the FUT technique. Patients can return to their normal lives in a short time.
  • Fast Results: It is possible to achieve a visually good appearance in about 6 months. Hair begins to grow naturally and the results become evident quickly.
  • No Health Problems: There are no health problems during and after the FUE hair transplant. The procedure is performed under sterile conditions.
  • Natural and Permanent Results: Within 1 to 1.5 years, the desired natural and healthy hair can be achieved. FUE offers the most natural appearance among hair transplant methods and provides permanent results.
  • Multiple Donor Options: Even if the person has completely lost their hair, a FUE hair transplant can also be performed with donor hair taken from areas such as the chest and legs. This provides access to more people with this technique.

As a result, FUE hair transplant in Istanbul will be a natural, permanent, and healthy choice for those who want to solve the problem of hair loss. Thanks to the application of this technique in Istanbul, aesthetic results and fast recovery times are experienced.

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Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant in Turkey

Sapphire FUE hair transplant in Turkey is a hair transplant method that has become popular worldwide in recent years. Sapphire FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is a hair transplant method in which hair follicles are extracted one by one and then transplanted to baldness or sparse hair areas. Transplant centers serving state-of-the-art equipment and surgeons who are experts in their fields take sapphire FUE hair transplant to a different dimension in Turkey.
The term sapphire refers to the sharpness and fineness of the special sapphire blades used in this procedure. Sapphire blades help to make more precise and thinner cuts when removing hair follicles. Sapphire FUE hair transplant in Turkey is preferred by many people thanks to its advantages. Here are some of the advantages of this method:

Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant in Turkey Advantages

  • Natural Results: Sapphire FUE procedure allows hair follicles to be extracted and transplanted in a natural way. The success rate of sapphire FUE hair transplant results in Turkey, which look extremely natural, is quite high.
  • Leaves No Scars: The fine structure of sapphire blades leaves almost no scar in the area where hair follicles are taken. This allows the healing period to be completed faster.
  • Fast Recovery: The recovery process after the sapphire FUE procedure is faster and more comfortable than traditional FUE procedures.
  • Permanent Results: The hair follicles taken as a result of the sapphire FUE procedure usually continue to grow in new areas permanently.

Although sapphire FUE hair transplant in Turkey has many advantages, it is worth noting that it is not applied for every patient. It is decided to apply this technique in line with the analyses performed on the patient and the demands of the person.

Who Can Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant Be Applied?

Sapphire FUE hair transplant is a suitable option for many people who want to solve the problem of hair loss. However, it may not be suitable for everyone. The best candidates for the procedure are people with good general health and hair loss problems. Before the procedure, it is important to have an evaluation by a specialized hair transplant doctor. There is a process that the patient who decides to undergo Sapphire FUE hair transplant in Turkey must follow.

Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant Process in Turkey

Sapphire FUE hair transplant in Turkey consists of the following basic steps:

  • Consultation and Evaluation: Before the procedure, your hair loss condition is evaluated by a specialist physician and your personal goals are determined.
  • Local Anaesthesia: The procedure is performed under sedation so that no pain is felt.
  • Graft Extraction: Hair follicles are taken one by one using sapphire blades.
  • Graft Transplant: The hair follicles are carefully transplanted to the sparse areas.
  • Recovery: The healing process begins within a few days after the procedure and the patient can return to his/her normal life.

In conclusion, Safir FUE hair transplant in Turkey can be an effective destination for many people who want to solve their hair loss problem. However, it would be healthier for you to consult with a specialised physician before this procedure and determine the best option for your personal situation. Each individual is different and the results of the procedure may vary from person to person.
If you would like more information about Safir FUE hair transplant or would like to learn more about the procedure process in more detail, you can contact Hair Center Of Turkey’s expert consultants. Experts can provide you with more information about the process, results, and cost. In this way, you can achieve the best result by carefully planning the steps before and after the procedure.

How Many FUE Sessions Do I Need?

Some of the curious questions for anyone considering a hair transplant are questions such as how many FUE sessions I need and how much hair follicles I need. With the developing technology and techniques in hair transplant, FUE hair transplant has become a remarkable option. This technique stands out with its success rate in the hair transplant process. There are important issues that should be known before deciding on FUE hair transplant operation. Here are details about FUE hair transplant sessions and the number of hair follicles:

The hair transplant procedure varies depending on how much the person wants to compensate for the hair loss, the size of the balding areas and whether the hair follicles are healthy. One of the most important points during hair transplant is the “graft”. Grafts contain hair follicles and may contain a single hair follicle or multiple hair follicles.

The number of FUE hair transplant sessions varies according to the size of the balding areas and the level of hair loss. FUE hair transplant, which usually proceeds as a single session, may increase the number of sessions depending on the patient’s health status. As the hair density increases, the number of hair follicles to be taken increases, which increases the chance of success of the operation. Hair transplant is not about transplanting a large number of hair follicles to achieve healthy and permanent results, but about carefully removing healthy hair follicles and determining the number of hair follicles in accordance with the hair structure of the person.

What is the FUE Hair Transplant Technique?

In the FUE hair transplant technique, no drilling or cutting is performed on the scalp. The patient ensures that the hair follicles in the nape area are removed one by one with the method of his/her choice. These follicles are then transplanted one by one to the area to be transplanted. Therefore, the hair transplant process may take a longer time compared to other methods. Today, FUE hair transplant technique is performed using micromotors instead of punches.

Who is Suitable for FUE Hair Transplant?

Patients suitable for FUE hair transplant are usually those who have healthy hair follicles and have no other treatment options for hair loss. This technique is ideal for those who want to experience minimal aches and pains during the process of opening micro channels, and harvesting and transplanting hair follicles.

How Does the FUE Hair Transplant Process Work?

FUE hair transplant is performed under sedation. The operation performed by a specialized surgeon takes approximately 4 to 5 hours. During the procedure, hair follicles are transplanted to the area to be transplanted by opening micro channels using micro-motors.

The FUE hair transplant method is one of the leading modern techniques with the advantages it provides at many stages of hair transplant operation. Thanks to this method, faster recovery and less tissue damage can be achieved. However, each individual’s hair transplant needs are different, so it is important to seek advice from a specialist doctor to determine whether this method is suitable for you. In light of the advice received, you can achieve natural and healthy hair with FUE hair transplant.

Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant Costs in Turkey

Hair transplants are one of the most preferred operations worldwide in recent years. Especially, sapphire FUE hair transplant costs in Turkey are quite affordable. Not only affordable costs, Turkey also attracts attention with its success rate in hair transplant results. The popularity of hair transplant centers that expand the comfort zone of patients is increasing day by day.

Sapphire FUE hair transplant costs in Turkey are usually offered as a package. Within the packages offered, patients are offered privileges such as accommodation in a 5-star hotel, VIP transfer services, and medications to be used after transplant. Such privileges and additional services make it more attractive to have a hair transplant in Turkey. The lack of such advantages, especially in European and American countries, contributes to the increase in patients coming to Turkey from abroad.

Hair transplant centers in Turkey provide services with state-of-the-art equipment and expert consultants. Different techniques are applied according to the needs and suitability of the patients. There may be cost differences between various methods such as DHI, Sapphire FUE, and hybrid hair transplant. Sapphire FUE hair transplant costs in Turkey are determined by specialists in line with the detailed preliminary examination of the patient, the patient’s demands, and requirements.
The increasing demand for hair transplants also affects the costs of sapphire FUE hair transplants in Turkey. Sapphire tips are shown as the biggest reason for the increase in demand. The sapphire FUE technique, which is exactly the same as the FUE method, takes its difference from the sapphire used in its blade. This blade, which is preferred in the canal opening stage, prevents tissue destruction. The sapphire-tipped blade, which shortens the healing process, paves the way for a healthy operation. Thanks to all these privileges, the sapphire FUE technique has become one of the most popular methods of recent times.

As a result, while sapphire FUE hair transplant costs in Turkey are offered with various package options, these packages aim to provide patients with a comfortable experience. Providing services with the latest technology and expertise, hair transplant centers offer suitable solutions according to the number of grafts to be transplanted, and the needs and demands of the patient. The varying operation contents from person to person make Safir FUE hair transplant costs in Turkey flexible. The high international demand for hair transplants has also made Turkey an important center for hair transplant operations.

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Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant Results in Turkey

Sapphire FUE hair transplant results in Turkey vary depending on the hair structure and health status of the person. It should not be forgotten that each patient may experience this process differently. In general, several stages should be taken into consideration in order to get the desired result after a hair transplant.
The patient should undergo a careful recovery process. The patient, who should pay attention to hair care, should strictly follow the recommendations of the experts. A person who does not follow the rules prolongs the recovery period and even reveals the possibility of negative results of a hair transplant.

After the operation, Safir FUE hair transplant in Turkey is one of the most ideal options with its success rate. Here is the process after transplant:

First Three Days: The first three days after the hair transplant operation is the adaptation process of the person. While the transplant area is dressed with special dressing materials, the area is bandaged. Generally, the transplanted area is covered with a bandage for the first two days after the operation. In the first three days, redness may be seen in the transplanted area and donor area, but these are temporary effects. During this time interval, which is the most critical period of the healing process, it is necessary to pay attention to the sleeping position.

First Week: The first week is an important period in terms of hair transplant results. Abrasions may occur in the transplanted area. This is a normal condition after the operation. Like redness, abrasions also heal over time. The detail that draws attention in the results of sapphire FUE hair transplant in Turkey is that the channels are opened according to the natural growth direction of the hair. Opening these microchannels with sapphire-tipped instruments minimizes the formation of scabs. The formed scabs heal almost completely in an average of one week to ten days. In the first week, contact with water should be kept to a minimum and any damage to the scabs should be avoided.

First 3 Months: Within 2 months after the hair transplant, the hair of the patient completely falls out. This phase, called shock shedding, is temporary and indicates that the hair is healing just like scabbing. After the shedding period is over, the hair starts to grow again in a healthy way. The first 3 months are the rooting and development period of the transplanted hair sprouts. During this period, there is no visible change in the hair. You should patiently wait for the results.

After 6 Months: The sixth month is the period when the results of a hair transplant become more evident. In these months, when most of the transplanted hair grows, the hair strands grow and the person gains an appearance closer to the natural hair structure.

12 Months After: The results of a sapphire FUE hair transplant in Turkey occur exactly at the end of one year. At the end of one year, the hair strands transplanted to the patient will be rooted. The hair ratios in the problematic area will improve and the results will become more evident. However, this process may vary from person to person. The amount of grafts transplanted to the area and the patient’s health condition may cause the process to be prolonged.

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Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant at Hair Center Of Turkey

Sapphire FUE hair transplant at Hair Center Of Turkey prefers modern and effective methods in the field. Hair Center Of Turkey, which offers multiple options to its patients, is one of the most ideal options among health centers. The main reason for offering multiple options is that it aims to achieve maximum success during the hair transplant process.

Before and after the sapphire FUE hair transplant operation,at Hair Center of Turkey, specialists constantly inform patients about the healing process of the hair follicles. It is also possible to receive information from the consultants at any time before and after the operation. This information is of great importance to accelerate the healing process of the patients and to achieve positive results.

Sedation is applied for patients to have a comfortable experience during the sapphire FUE hair transplant operation at the Hair Center Of Turkey. In this way, patients are prevented from feeling pain and the operation is completed more comfortably.

Before the sapphire FUE hair transplant operation, customized solutions are offered to the needs and expectations of each patient. A detailed analysis of the hair is performed before the operation. As a result of the analysis, the hair image aimed to be obtained after the procedure is also designed. Hair Center Of Turkey aims to achieve natural and aesthetic results by meeting the unique needs of each patient.

At the beginning of the operation, the scalp is carefully removed from the donor area. Then, channels are opened where the new hair follicles will be placed and the scalp is precisely transplanted into these channels. These steps form the basis of the sapphire FUE hair transplant procedure. Thanks to the sapphire-tipped blades used during the sapphire FUE hair transplant operation at the Hair Center Of Turkey, there is no tissue damage. These blades shorten the healing time and prevent damage to the scalp.

After the operation, the healing process of the patient begins. During this period, crusting may occur. However, movements that may damage the transplant such as scratching and plucking should be avoided. Patience and care should be taken to wait for the crusting to disappear. When this stage is completed, new hair follicles will emerge in a healthy way.

The guidance and knowledge of an expert team at every stage of the hair transplant operation guarantee the safety of patients and a successful outcome. With this approach, the Hair Center of Turkey continues to offer an excellent experience to hair transplant patients.

Hair Center of Turkey is a health center that has successfully performed hair transplant operations for 9 years and has served more than 8 thousand patients. Our experienced specialists, who perform hair, eyebrow, and beard transplant operations using reliable and high-quality devices, also offer a wide range of expertise by offering different services such as AGF-39, Mesotherapy, and PRP.

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