Plasma Treatment

What is the plasma treatment?

In the Hair Center of Turkey clinic, the plasma treatment or the PRP, platelet rich plasma, is a medical treatment for the hair loss. It is mainly your blood cells mixed with growth factors and proteins which will be injected into the scalp for a natural hair.

How the plasma treatment works?

Red and white cells in the human body are the first responders when the tissue is damaged. What we do in the Hair Center of Turkey clinic is that we take these cells then mix them with some growth factors and proteins. After the injection in the scalp and especially the areas where you need the increasing of hair density or hair growth, the plasma treatment increases the blood supply for the hair follicles.

What is the plasma treatment process?

The plasma treatment takes 1 hour in the Hair Center of Turkey clinic to be done. First we take the blood from you to mix with the growth factors and proteins for 10 minutes in a centrifuge. Second, we inject with a small needle into the scalp and specifically the targeted areas and that's it you had your plasma treatment.

Will I feel some pain in the plasma treatment?

The plasma treatment is painless but of course you will feel only that the first prick of the needle. Our Doctors and staff in the Hair Center of Turkey clinic are the best.

How many sessions do I need for the plasma treatment?

Normally you need only one but it varies from one person to another. Some may need one session every 4 months but the doctors in Hair Center of Turkey clinic suggest having one session every 4 or 6 month to keep the hair loss under control.

Are there any side effects or risks in the plasma treatment?

If you were honest with your doctor before the session about all the questions he will ask you there will be no risk and side effects for the plasma treatment. We guarantee this in the Hair Center of Turkey clinic.

How do I know I am qualified for the plasma treatment?

Please contact us, Hair Center of Turkey clinic, for a free and immediate consultant about anything you want to know about the plasma treatment and the hair loss in general.

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