• January 19, 2021
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When you hear the hair transplant surgery the first place you think of is Turkey. That is the outcome of various reasons and factors that has made Turkey the first destination in the world for this kind of surgeries. There are a lot of hair transplant clinics and centers in Turkey and especially Istanbul that performs hair transplant surgeries with affordable prices constantly gaining more experience and strengthening the position of Turkey as the leading country in the hair transplantation.

Everyone wants to come for a hair transplant surgery does a simple three steps. First they made a research that includes the techniques the clinic use, the doctor’s name and the previous results. Then they search for an online feedback from former clients and reviews in all the platforms including their social media accounts. Last, when finding a professional hair transplant clinic the first contact is an online free consultation that comes with a load of questions for the operation and the clinic in general. The overseas customers tend to ask all the simple and elaborated questions.

As one of these centers, we get a lot of questions about the hair transplant industry from the potential clients on a daily basis that we collected some of the most common questions:

Can women do also the hair transplant operation?

Yes they can do the operation. There are two techniques to do so, the FUE or DHI that is why a consultation is always important to define the suitable technique.

How successful is a hair transplant?

Hair transplant operation is the best solution for the hair restoration and 10 times better than the products and it is permanent.

Is it painful to have hair transplant?

The hair transplant operations are done under the local anesthesia. But after the operation the patient may feel a little discomfort in the planted and donated area which is always described as minimal.

Do the transplanted hair looks natural?

It is mainly depends on the clinic you have chosen to do the operation. If you picked the right clinic the professional and expert surgeons no one can really spot the difference.

How much a hair transplant operation cost in general?

In general the hair transplant cost is based on many factors but it costs normally from 4000 dollar to more than 14000 dollar outside Turkey.


In Hair Center of Turkey we have the best, experienced and professional surgeons. All our previous patients are pleased with the service and of course affordable prices.

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