• January 19, 2021
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FUE Hair transplantation method is a method that can be applied to males and females. The method is effective and very successful in our hair transplant clinic. The team that will do the operation must be experienced for the process with this method is very difficult. This kind of teams is in our clinic, HAIR CENTER OF TURKEY, and we promise to give very good results.

Nowadays, anyone can buy hair transplantation devices and starts to give services in this industry. There are people who prefer this for the very low prices and do not realize how dangerous it is. The procedure must be performed by specialists in a hospital or clinic. When the hair transplantation is done, the after operation process must be one by the clinic staff started from the medical dressing the following day to the washing in the third which is very important. The recommendations of the specialist before and after the procedure should be taken into account and must be taken seriously.

The first hair transplanted after the hair transplantation starts to fall. You should not be worried and patiently wait for healthy and bushy hair to grow. There is quite a lot to say about this method because it has many advantages. First of all, this process is very sensitive and makes less damage to the donor area due to the small amount of grafts taken; both the transplanted area and the donor area are recovering rapidly. This makes the process much more comfortable and much more successful.

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