Causes of Hair Thinning in Women

Causes of Hair Thinning in Women

The causes of hair thinning in women are caused by the physiological changes in hormone levels over time and the occurrence of hair thinning.
Hair loss can be seen for many different reasons. Lost hair takes a long time to grow back, so treatment can be long and difficult. For treatment, the underlying causes are investigated and different treatment methods are applied depending on the causes. Hair loss can also be caused by other serious diseases. For long-lasting hair loss, you should consult a specialist. The causes of hair thinning in women are understood in examination and some tests. These tests can also be applied to men.
Diagnostic tools used in hair diseases are:

  • Dermatoscopy
  • digital dermatoscopy
  • hair pull test
  • trichogram
  • Scalp biopsy
  • blood tests

Why Is Hair Thinning in Women?

  • Telogen Effluvium: It is caused by stress, thyroid problems, gout medications, excess vitamin A, birth control pills and menopause. Telogen effluvium is transient and usually has a benign course. This type of hair loss may occur 3 months after the events that will create trauma and have a great impact in the person’s life.
  • Alopecia Areta: This type of shedding can be seen when there are skin diseases, chronic diseases and stress. It occurs with small shedding of a certain area of the hair. There are subtypes and can be temporary or permanent according to their causes.
  • Androgenetic Alopecia: It is a male pattern hair loss, but it is also seen in women for various reasons. It manifests itself with the baldness of the top of the hair in men, and it is seen as thinning in the temples and hair strands in women.
  • Infections: Hair loss may occur in the course of infectious diseases such as fungi that damage the scalp. Depending on the infection, hair loss can be temporary or permanent.
  • Hormone disorders: It is one of the most common causes of hair thinning in women. Women’s hair tissue is sensitive to types of hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, thyroid or growth hormones. Due to this sensitivity, there may be hair loss in cases of irregular menstrual cycle, menopause and pregnancy.
  • Nutrient deficiency: In cases of insufficient and unbalanced nutrition, hair loss is experienced because not enough vitamins and minerals enter the body. It is important to supplement the body with enough B group vitamins, vitamin D, vitamin A, calcium deficiencies.
  • Psychological problems: Factors such as anxiety, stress, depression can cause deterioration and loss in hair tissue.
  • Trauma: using chemicals on the scalp, hard combing of hair, excessive heat treatments can cause hair loss.

Hair Loss Treatment in Women

Hair thinning in women mostly occurs during youth, pregnancy and menopause. There are some treatments that improve hair loss. These treatments can be applied to both women and men. The treatment method varies according to your hair loss.

  1. Drug Treatment: FDA-approved drugs that prevent hair loss and thicken hair can be used under the control of a doctor. Using medication for new-onset hair loss may give more effective results. In cases of complete hair loss, drugs are not helpful in removing new hair, as hair follicle cells are completely dead.
  2. Hair Mesotherapy: Hair mesotherapy is the process of injecting vitamins, minerals and antioxidants necessary for the development of hair into the scalp with the help of micro needles. After injection, the scalp is massaged. 5-10 sessions are applied with an interval of 5 days. With this method, the hair can get a lively and shiny appearance.
  3. PRP Hair Treatment: It is a method in which people with hair loss get effective results. In this procedure, the patient’s own blood is taken and subjected to certain procedures. The substance called fibroblast is separated and injected into the spilled area. It is a more preferred method in genetic spills.
  4. Hair Transplantation: Hair transplantation is especially applied to people who experience male pattern hair loss. The hair first thins and then shedding occurs. The definitive solution to this is to have a hair transplant. It is the process of planting hair follicles taken from your own hair to the spilled area.



What to Do for Healthy Hair?

In order to prevent hair loss and achieve healthier hair, you need to adopt some routine habits. For hair problems and solutions;

  • You should pay attention to your sleeping hours.
  • To prevent hair loss, you should sleep regularly and pay attention to your sleep hours.
  • You should stay away from stress.
  • Stress is one of the most hair loss events. Avoid events that will cause you stress as much as you can.
  • Stay away from harmful habits.
    Smoking and alcohol use can cause hair loss, so you should try not to acquire such habits.
  • Consume enough fluids.
    During the day, you should take enough fluids according to your body. Do not forget that low fluid consumption also leads to other diseases.
  • Do not wash your hair every day.
  • Washing the hair every day can cause hair loss. You can wash it every 2 days.
  • Do not unconsciously diet.
    If you want to diet, you should do it under the supervision of a doctor. You should pay attention to a protein-rich diet.
  • You should supplement your mineral and vitamin deficiencies.
  • Try to eat an adequate and balanced diet.Make sure to eat fruits and vegetables throughout the day. Try to stay away from fast food style eating habits.

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Hair Transplant Turkey Before and After
hair trasnplant before after
Hair Transplant Turkey Before and After

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Is hair transplantation a risky procedure?2023-02-09T16:29:34+03:00

If it is done by experts in the field of hair transplantation and in an appropriate clinical environment, it contains minimum risk.

Is there any preventive conditions for hair transplantation?2023-02-09T16:29:52+03:00

Some health cases can prevent the process of hair transplantation. The patient’s past health and used medications should be told as complete to the doctor. In such cases, different treatments may be considered.

Will it be obvious that I had a hair transplant?2023-03-29T16:30:22+03:00

If your transplantation is done as fit on the procedure and a specialist at hair transplantation, the result will extremely be natural.

How Should I Sleep after the hair transplantation?2023-02-09T16:30:21+03:00

You should not lay down on the transplanted area the first week after the transplantation.

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