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For the best hair transplant, the condition of the person who will have the hair transplant is examined. It is quite normal to use different methods for each person who needs hair transplantation. Developing technology causes improvement in hair transplantation method. Hair transplantation is a procedure that only specialists should do.

It is also very important before hair transplantation. At this stage, many processes such as hair design are required. At the same time, the rate of hair follicles to be added and the technique to be used are determined by the experts at this stage.

best hair transplant

hair transplant in turkey

Many people may need a hair transplant. There are many reasons for this. Hair loss can be due to many reasons such as genetics, hormonal, diet. At this stage, hair transplantation is the most definitive solution method.

The best hair transplantation is a whole with the condition of the person. There are the newest technology hair transplantation methods, as well as those who prefer the old techniques. At the same time, the health status of the person who will have hair transplantation is also important. All these are a whole for the determination of the hair transplantation process.

What is Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation is a method preferred by people who have lost their hair for many different reasons. Hair transplantation is determined by how much hair is on the head of the person who will have this procedure. At the same time, there is an examination by experts before the hair transplant procedure.

First of all, there is a process that starts with the person who will have a hair transplant choose a suitable place. This factor is also reflected in the price. The clinic and specialist to be chosen will be decisive for the prices of hair transplantation.

The hair transplant process itself is also effective in this. Choosing the best hair transplant method is also one of the factors that determine the price. Hair transplantation process varies according to many patients.

The hair deficiency of the person who will have hair transplantation may be quite a lot, or it may be less. For this reason, hair transplantation is determined according to the graft ratio. The graft rate is also effective for 2022 hair transplant prices. The number of grafts to be made is one of the most basic factors that determine the prices of hair transplantation. Hair transplant graft rate also affects the duration of the procedure. The hair transplantation process, which takes between 3 and 5 hours on average, is open to change according to the person.

What is the Best Hair Transplant Method?

best hair transplant in turkey

Choosing the best hair transplant method is a matter of opinion of a specialist. For this reason, there is a control process before hair transplantation. This can be a single session, but it also varies according to the condition of the person who will have the hair transplant.

Hair transplantation method is determined accordingly. At this stage, the method of hair transplantation, how many grafts of hair will be transplanted, how long the procedure is and the results of hair transplantation are determined in advance. Hair transplantation methods are listed as follows:

  • DHI Technique
  • FUT Technique
  • FUE Technique
  • Manual Punch Technique
  • Robotic Hair Transplant Technique
  • Hyperbaric Hair Transplant Technique

Although hair transplantation methods are like this, they are becoming more and more diversified with the developing technology. The diversity in hair transplantation technique also increases the confidence in hair transplantation.

Having many alternatives for the person to be transplanted is an advantage to choose the best method. Afterwards, hair transplantation will be performed and regular control process is started by experts.

How Are The Results Of Hair Transplantation?

hair transplant before after

Hair transplantation results may have different durations according to the hair transplantation method. The healing process of newly emerging techniques is also quite fast. The old methods, on the other hand, can still be used depending on preference, although they heal for a longer period of time.

Hair transplant prices may depend on the procedure to be performed in 2022. For this reason, hair transplant prices are determined in advance. It is possible to separate hair transplantation prices according to the characteristics of the procedure.

It takes time to get results in hair transplantation. Therefore, it is important to go through the process carefully. The first thing to do is to use the right cream and drugs after the procedure. These should be products recommended by the physician.

Afterwards, the hair will be washed correctly in the place where the hair transplant is done. The first effect of hair transplantation is taken only after a month. However, the increase, bushyness and lengthening of the hair occur only after one year. The best hair transplant technique is also linked to this whole process.

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