Before You Come To OUR Hair Transplant Center

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  • We will arrange everything for you here. You do not have to pay extra expenses for anything unlike other hair transplant clinics.  
  • If you are drinking alcohol, you must not drink 3-4 days before the operation because alcohol dilutes the blood. 
  • If there are any medicines that you usually take please let our doctors know the medicine names.  
  • If you are using any blood thinning medications you should stop 4 days before the operation, with your doctor advice of course. 
  • If you have any diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, blood pressure, etc. please let your doctor know before the operation.  
  • Hair transplant beard transplant price includes three days accommodation in a five stars hotel, the transport transfer from and to the airport, PRP treatment for your natural hair and all the medicines.  
  • A special shampoo and lotion and maximum hair transplant will be given to you.  
  • We are accepting the payments on the operation day only in cash; we also accept Pound, USD and Euro.