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Which Doctor to Go to for Hair Loss?

Hair loss is a skin problem that almost everyone encounters at some point in our lives. This problem, which can develop due to various factors such as genetic factors, hormonal changes, eating habits and stress, is considered normal as 100 hair loss per day. However, when you exceed this amount, it is important to consult a specialist. Hair loss can have negative effects not only physically but also psychologically. So, which doctor to go to for hair loss? Here is the answer!

What is Excessive Hair Loss?

If you are losing more than 100 hairs a day and your hair is breaking every time you touch it, you may need to consult a specialist. Hair loss may be a symptom of other health problems in the body. You can pay attention to the following points to understand this situation:

  • Amount of Hair Loss: Hair loss over 100 strands per day is considered excessive. Counting hair loss strands can help you assess the situation.
  • Hormonal Changes: Hair loss that suddenly increases due to hormonal changes may be a sign of a hormonal problem.
  • Chronic Disorders: Hair loss may be a symptom of chronic diseases such as anaemia, thyroid problems.

Which Doctor Should I Go to?

Hair loss is usually evaluated by dermatologists, endocrinologists and plastic surgeons. Dermatologists for hair analysis, endocrinologists to determine the underlying causes of hair loss and plastic surgeons may be preferred to find solutions to permanent hair loss.

  • Dermatologist (Dermatologist): Dermatologists dealing with hair and skin problems specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of hair loss.
  • Endocrinologist: You can consult endocrinologists to investigate the hormonal causes of hair loss. Since hormonal imbalances cause hair loss, it may be a better decision to see a doctor who is an expert in the field.
  • Plastic Surgeon: Plastic surgeons can also be evaluated to find solutions to permanent hair loss problems.

Hair Analysis

Your doctor can perform blood tests and hair analysis to understand the cause of hair loss. Hair analysis determines the intensity of hair loss by examining the condition of the hair follicles. This analysis is important for detecting the underlying problems of hair loss.

Is 100 Hair Loss per Day Normal?

The loss of 100 hair strands every day is a natural cycle of hair growth, transition and shedding phases. However, hair loss exceeding this amount may indicate a hair loss problem. The underlying causes of hair loss can be based on various factors such as genetics, nutrition, seasonal transitions, stress and medication use. If you are experiencing these problems, you can consult an experienced doctor.

Managing the hair loss problem with early diagnosis and treatment prevents the growth of the problem and provides a healthy structure. Therefore, treatment plans for the problems determined as a result of the necessary tests and analyses should be implemented quickly. Regular medical check-ups and following appropriate treatment methods play a critical role in maintaining hair health. Remember, hair loss is not only a physical but also an emotional and psychological issue, so you should pay attention to take care of your hair health.

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